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Mission Statement

The IVCC GAY/STRAIGHT ALLIANCE is a support and students activities group which serves the interests of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, the transgendered and anyone interested in the concerns surrounding gay and lesbian social issues. Through the Gay/Straight Alliance we will foster a more understanding and tolerant community on campus and in the area.

The Gay/Straight Alliance will acknowledge the diversity of individuals regarding sexual orientation and embrace that diversity. The Gay/Straight Alliance will be committed to providing a safe environment for people to embrace their sexuality without judgment, as well as a strong foundation for support for those individuals struggling to more fully discover, accept, or express themselves.

We, the members of the Gay/Straight Alliance, also recognize the lack of awareness of the diversity of people, and are devoted to educating others and ourselves on issues related to sexual orientation. The members of the Gay/Straight alliance will exemplify respect for diversity, tolerance of all people, education related to sexual orientation, and support for the search of self-discovery.

Check out the MEETING DATES  link and look for signs posted on campus bulletin boards for up coming meetings.

To sign up to be included in the e-mail group announcement for meetings and other awareness activities, please contact sponsors:

Sue Isermann: sue_isermann@ivcc.edu
Renee Prine: renee_prine@ivcc.edu


The links found herein do not necessarily reflect the views or objectives of the Gay/Straight Alliance.