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BUS 1010 - Introduction to Business: Online       
Spring 2013

CLASS HOURS:       There are no specific class meetings but pay close attention to all due dates.  All      
                                    assignments are due by 11pm the day the assignment is due.  

CATALOG                An introductory survey course covering such topics as economics,
DESCRIPTION:       management, marketing, finance, stocks and bonds, small  business, and 
                                    insurance.  The course is designed to provide students an opportunity to learn 
                                    business  terminology and to understand the interrelatedness of the various
                                    business functions.

PROFESSOR:           Mr. Bob Reese
                                    Office: B322
                                    Phone: 224-0354
                                    E-mail: Bob_Reese@ivcc.edu
Website: http://www.ivcc.edu/reese

MATERIALS:           Contemporary Business, 15th Edition.  2013.  Louis E. Boone and David L. Kurtz

EXPECTED               1.  Understand What Business is and How Business Works
LEARNING               2.  Know how to Achieve Business Success by Using Ethical Behavior
OUTCOMES:                 and Social Responsibility
                                    3.     How Economics Work in the Global and Domestic Business
                                    4.     Know How to Compete in the Global Markets
                                    5.      Understand the Way to Organize a Business    
                                    6.      Explain how to Start Your Own Business
                                    7.     How to Write a Successful Strategic Plan
                                    8.      Explain What a Manager and a Leader Is
                                    9.      Explain how to Manage your Human Resources
                                    10.  Understand Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication
                                    11.  Know How to Market a Product/Service
                                    12.  Know how to Price Goods/Services
                                    13.  Explain How to Distribute Goods/Services
                                    14.  Know how to Promote Goods/Services
                                    15.  Know how to Use Technology/Internet to Succeed in Business
                                    16.  Know how to Use Technology to Manage Information
                                    17.  Understand the Financial Markets


GRADING:               Grades are based on points accumulated at the end of the semester.
                                    Points are earned as follows:

                                    3 tests @ 100 points each                                 300 points
                                    1 Final Exam                                                     100 points
                                    Homework assignments/quizzes                         120 points
                                    Evaluations                                                          10 points
                                                                                                             530 points

GRADING SCALE:              90% - 100%                A
                                                80% - 89%                  B
                                                70% - 79%                  C
                                                60% - 69%                  D
                                                Below 60%                  F

CLASS  ATTENDANCE:     Since this is an online class, there is no attendance policy.  Every time you log into the class you are attending class.  Although I encourage logging in at least 3 or 4 times a week, it is up to the student to meet all requirements.  There might be some mandatory synchronous (live) online chats that you must log into but most of the work is asynchronous (work on your own time)

READING: Read the chapter listed on the syllabus BEFORE doing any work.  Participation is very important in this format and you need to be knowledgeable about the chapter before discussing the material. This can occur only if the chapters are read before we start discussions.  Participation and your quality input in Blackboard are taken into consideration at the end of the semester if you are borderline for a particular grade.

HOMEWORK:  All chapters will have homework assignments due. The assignment is due by 11pm that day. You might want to turn in homework early in case of technology problems.  No homework will be accepted late.  This is just like a traditional class in terms of homework, if not received by 11pm (for ANY reason), it is not accepted.  

TESTS:  There will be four tests throughout the semester.  All tests will be taken at the IVCC Assessment Center (E-215).  You MUST have a photo I.D. (IVCC college ID or driver's license).  You will have one hour to take each test.  To fit everyone's busy schedule, you will have two different days to take the test.  The test dates are on the class schedule.  You choose which day fits your schedule the best and take the test that day.  The Assessment Center hours are:  M: 8am-4pm, T: 9am-7pm, W:8am-7pm, Th:9am-7pm, F:8am-1pm.  If none of these times fit your schedule, please call me to set up a different time.  For the students who are out of the IVCC district, it is your responsibility to give me a contact name and number at your institution to proctor the test.  Please do this at the beginning of the semester to ensure the tests arrive on time.  

HONOR SYSTEM: All students are expected to submit their own work. If any tests or assignments are copied, the students in question will each receive a "0" for that grade and the instructor reserves the right to withdrawal the student from the class or failure of the class.  The professor reserves the right to withdrawal the student or fail the student in any academic dishonesty situation. 

WITHDRAWAL:  Effective Summer 2011, students will have the ability to initiate a withdrawal from classes. By completing the form in the Records Office or through the "Student Initiated Withdrawal" links on WebAdvisor, the student is authorizing IVCC to remove him/her from the course. Entering the student ID number serves as the student's electronic signature. IVCC has the right to rescind a withdrawal in cases of academic dishonesty or at the instructor's discretion.  Students should be aware of the impact of a withdrawal on full-time status for insurance purposes and for financial aid. It is highly recommended that students meet with their instructor or with a counselor before withdrawing from a class to discuss if a withdrawal is the best course of action for that particular student.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO WITHDRAWAL THROUGH RECORDS OFFICE OR ONLINE.  YOU DO NOT GO THROUGH THE PROFESSOR TO WITHDRAWAL.  I do reserve the right to withdrawal a student from class for any reason.  This may include academic dishonesty, plagiarism, cheating, classroom disruptions, etc.  Last day for automatic withdrawal is Thursday, April 11, 2013!

IVCC EMAIL: Effective Summer 2011, all students will be responsible for checking their IVCC email. All electronic college correspondence will only be sent to the IVCC email. For information on accessing this account, go to the Learning Commons.

OTHER:  If you are a student with a documented cognitive (learning disabilities), physical, or psychiatric (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, AD/HD, post-traumatic stress, and others) you may be eligible for academic support services such as extended test time, texts on disc, note taking services, etc...  If you are interested in learning if you can receive these academic support services, please contact either Tina Hardy (tina_hardy@ivcc.edu, or 224-0284) or Judy Mika Judy_Mika@ivcc.edu or 224-0350), or stop by the Disability Services Office in B-204.


The following is a TENTATIVE schedule that may change as the semester progresses. A more detailed schedule is listed in the Class Schedule link on the class web page.  

WEEK             CHAPTER                   TOPIC                        
Week 1           Introduction to class and Blackboard
Week 2           CHAPTER 1                The Changing Face of Business
Week 3           CHAPTER 2                Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Week 4           CHAPTER 16              The Financial System
Week 5           Test #1       
Week 6
           CHAPTER 3                Economic Challenges Facing Business            
Week 7          
CHAPTER 4                Competing in Global Markets                         
Week 8           CHAPTER 5                Forms of Business Ownership and Organization 
Week 9           Spring Break! 
Week 10         Test #2 
Week 11        
CHAPTER 7                Management, Leadership, and the Internal Org.                            
CHAPTER 8                Human Resource Management: From Recruitment to Labor Relations
Week 12         CHAPTER 9                Top Performance through Empowerment, Teamwork, and Communication
Week 13         Test #3
Week 14         CHAPTER 11              Customer-Driven Marketing
Week 15         CHAPTER 12              Product and Distribution Strategies
Week 16         CHAPTER 14              Using Technology to Manage Information
Week 17         FINAL EXAM       
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