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Mathematics 1000 Fall 2007

Course: Math for the Liberal Arts
Professor: Ms. Cynthia Schultz
Phone: 815-224-0431
Email: cynthia_schultz@ivcc.edu 

Office hours: E304
Monday:  11:00 - noon, 2:00 – 2:30
Tuesday:  2:00 - 3:00
Wednesday:  11:00 – noon, 2:00 - 4:00
Thursday:  by appointment
Friday:  9:00 – 10:00, 11:00 - noon

Text: Thinking Mathematically, Blitzer and coursecompass (MyMathLab) student access kit.

Other materials need:  Scientific Calculator

Course description: Intended as a survey course for those students interested in developing an appreciation of the role of mathematics and mathematical methods in contemporary thought. Emphasizes the understanding and application of mathematics. The course includes the study of set theory, probability, statistics and other selected topics such as consumer math, scientific notation, problem solving and geometry. This course does not serve as the prerequisite for any other mathematics course.

Prerequisite: MTH 0907 AND MTH 0908, both with a "C" or better; or appropriate score on the placement exam



 90 -100 %


4 Exams @ 75 points each

8 online homework assignments @ 10 points each

1 comprehensive final @ 100 points









Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of problem solving and critical thinking
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of set theory
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of consumer math and financial managmenent
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of counting methods and probability theory
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of statistics

 Tentative Schedule:  (Subject to change) Updated 10/25/07

Week of: Tuesday Thursday
August 20 Introduction 1.1
August 27 1.2 1.3
September 3 Review Exam
September 10 8.1 8.2
September 17 8.3 8.4
September 24 8.5 8.6
October 1 Review Exam
October 8 Review of chapter 8 exam TBA -No class
October 15 Retake of chapter 8 exam 11.1 and 11.2
October 22 11.3 11.4 and 11.5
October 29 11.6 and 11.7 11.8
November 5 Review Exam
November 12 No Class 12.1
November 19 12.2 and 12.3  No class
November 26 12.4 Review
December 3 Exam 2.1 and 2.2
December 10 Review Final (December 13)

Practice Problems:  You will be assigned practice problems for each section.  These problem are neither collected nor graded.  They are to prepare you for the exams.  Time will be allocated during each regular class session to answer questions regarding practice problems.

Online Homework:  You will be assigned online homework assignments worth 10 points each. (Some assignments will have more than 10 questions, but will be weighted to 10 points.)  These are NOT optional; they count towards your grade.  Each homework assignment will be available until the time of the respective exam and may be attempted as many times as you wish until no longer available.  Computers in LRC-D will be available to work on these assignments.  If you chose to work on them at another computer (e.g. at home), you will be solely responsible for all technical problems and their consequences.   These online homework assignments cannot be submitted for a grade after the respective exam has been given. Please schedule accordingly.

Testing policy:  Makeup exams are generally not given and only in the most unusual circumstance will exceptions be granted based on very strict criteria. In the event that you miss an exam and are not able to makeup the points, your final exam score (scaled to a 75 point test) will be used to replace those missed points. This option may only be used for one missed exam.  Any other exam not completed will receive a zero.  You must contact your professor before 2:30 p.m. on or before the day of the missed exam. If you fail to contact the professor by that time, you will forfeit all above stated rights.  You may take an exam early for any reason.

Replacement of a low test score:  If your final exam has a higher percentage than your lowest exam score, the final exam will be used to replace this score (scaled to a 75 point exam).  The exception is if the final exam score has already been used to replace a missing exam score, in which case, you have already used this benefit.

Extra credit:  Periodically, extra credit opportunities will be given in class.  You must be present in class to participate in these extra credit exercises, and they must be completed before the end of the class period.

Attendance: Attendance is taken for the purpose of determining eligibility for makeup exam requests, financial aid, state auditing, and athletic progress reports.  If you miss class, it is your responsibility to check the schedule and work on the practice problems for the section covered that day.  If you have questions regarding the missed material, you may make an appointment with me to ask specific questions regarding the material.

Cheating: A score of zero will be given on any assignment where cheating occurs. Cheating includes, but is not limited to copying answers off other students’ tests, submitting another person’s work as your own, and having crib sheets during a test.  Repeated acts of cheating may result in your withdrawal from the course.

Withdrawals: Withdrawal from the class is not automatic. If you cease all activity in the course, you may receive an F. It is your responsibility to initiate a withdrawal if you feel you cannot complete the course. If you need to withdraw from this class, you must sign the withdrawal form.  If you cannot reach me to initiate a withdrawal, please contact the division dean, Marianne Dzik.  The last day to withdraw is November 9, 2007.  

Cancelled class:  Every effort will be made to announce class cancellations in a timely manner.  Unexpected cancellations will be posted on the IVCC website.  (http://www.ivcc.edu/cancellations/)  You may wish to consider checking this webpage each morning before traveling to the college.  In the event that class is cancelled on an exam day, the exam will be moved to the next class day.

Inclement weather:  In the event of bad weather, please listen to your local radio station for school closings.  If school has not been cancelled, use your own judgment as to the feasibility of traveling to school. If there is a test scheduled for that day, check my webpage www.ivcc.edu/mathematics/cschultz or my voice mail 224-0431 for announcements. 

Grading process:  If you do not understand how I graded your work or you disagree with the number of points earned, you have the right and responsibility to initiate contact with me about the matter within 4 class days of the material being returned to you.  These matters will be discussed in my office by appointment.  

Graded materials:  You are to keep all graded materials for this course until after you receive your final grade.  If there is a clerical error, and you do not receive the grade you earned, these materials will be needed to resolve this issue.  In the absence of these materials, the professor's record will be assumed to be correct.

Financial Aid:  Withdrawal from a course can affect financial aid.  Students who receive financial aid should see an advisor in the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course.

Special Needs Educational Support ServicesYou may be eligible for academic accommodations through the special populations office if you have a physical, psychiatric, or cognitive disability. If you have a disability and need more information regarding possible accommodations, please contact Tina Hardy at 224-0284, Jim Prendergast at 224-0350, or stop by office B-204.

This course syllabus is subject to change to meet the needs of the professor and/or students.