Roxanne Cherpeske THM

Therapeutic Massage Instructor
Office:  Building 11 East Campus
Phone:  (815) 224-0507

Therapeutic Massage Program


Fall 2008 - Introduction to Therapeutic Massage Classes

This course will serve as an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of therapeutic massage. Students will learn the basic Swedish massage techniques and how to apply them to the back, arms and legs. Basic anatomy and physiology of the major muscle groups, bony landmarks, contraindications, and professional ethics will also be addressed.

THM 1200-01  Meets 08/25/2008-10/06/2008 Lecture Monday 11:00AM - 03:00PM, Building 11, Room 104
THM 1200-02  Meets 10/20/2008-11/24/2008 Lecture Monday 11:00AM - 03:00PM, Building 11, Room 104
THM 1200-300 Meets 10/21/2008-11/25/2008 Lecture Tuesday 05:00PM - 09:00PM, Building 11, Room 104

Fall 2008 - Minicourse

Meets Thursday October 16, 2008  from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Ultimate Back Massage


We all put our bodies through stress and strain.  It is common for many people to carry that  stress and tension in their backs, and massage is a great way to alleviate it. In this hands-on workshop you will learn a number of massage techniques which you can use in basic back massage.