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CSP 2230 - Section 100 - Course Information

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This class will help the student study for and pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exam by offering reviews of the various topics that are on the exam.  The class will be held via the Internet.  Blackboard will be the tool used to post class notes, assignments, and take assessments using quizzes and tests.  

Frequently Asked Questions about CSP 2230

If you have any questions that are not listed below, please email me at gina_elias@ivcc.edu.

  1. How will I be graded?
  2. Is this a self paced class?
  3. Can I work ahead of the schedule?
  4. Is there a time that I can meet face-to-face with the instructor?
  5. How can I enroll in the class?
  6. What if I don't have access to a computer at home or work?
  7. What kind of line speed will I need from the computer I'll be working on?
  8. Is there a required textbook for the course?


Q1)  How will I be graded?

 A1)  This is the most commonly asked question among students.  For each chapter, the student will read the assigned material before the week in which it will be discussed.  Then the student will take a practice quiz on the material that the chapter covered.  This quiz may be taken repeatedly and is worth 5-10 points.  (There may be more than 5 questions.)  It is used so that YOU can tell if you understood the topics that were covered in the book or if you need to review some topics. A "real" quiz will also be posted and taken for each chapter.  This quiz can only be taken once and in one sitting.  It is worth between 10-25 points.  Some of the practice quiz questions may be repeated in this quiz.  There is only one exam - the final.  It is comprehensive and simulates the A+ Certification exam.

The methods of assessment include:

Q2)  Is this a self-paced class?

A2)  NO !!!  You will be responsible for reading the assigned material on your own.  But the class has a schedule that will be followed and you cannot fall behind.  There are due dates for all quizzes and the final exam.  These due dates must be adhered to.  On the course weekly outline posted in Blackboard's COURSE INFORMATION the topic of the week is listed.  A Monday date (for example, 8/23/10) is listed.  All materials for that week will show up in Blackboard in the Friday BEFORE that date (e.g. 8/20/10) and continue until the Monday of the following week (e.g. 8/30/10).  Then the material will disappear from Blackboard.  This gives you, the student, a window of 10 days - including two weekends - to complete the material assigned. 


Q3)  Can I work ahead of the schedule?

A3)  Yes, to a certain extent, you may work ahead of schedule. A large part in succeeding in this type of class is placing yourself on a schedule and adhering to that schedule.  However, I understand that many of you have business and other commitments that may keep you from class from time to time.  I want to be flexible enough to accommodate those situations.  Please email me if your schedule will require you to work ahead of the rest of the class, and I'll make sure that accommodations are made.


Q4)  Is there a time that I can meet face-to-face with the instructor?

A4)  YES.  I hold regular office hours at IVCC in room A329.  My office hours are posted on my home page.  If those hours are not convenient, please email or phone me to set up a different meeting time.  I can also set up virtual office hours and be available on nights and weekends through instant messenger.


Q5)  How can I enroll in the class?

A5)  To enroll in this class is no different than any other class at IVCC.  For enrollment information, see IVCC's registration page.  Classes start January 10, 2012.  No late enrollment is allowed.  Class size is limited so enroll as soon as possible.


Q6)  What if I don't have access to a computer at home or work?

A6)  IVCC has an open computer lab that all enrolled students can use to do their work.  You can come out to the college and do all course work for this class.


Q7)  What kind of line speed will I need from the computer I'll be working on?

A7)  A 56K modem will be sufficient.  Cable or LAN access is preferred.  I have recorded audio podcasts that summarize what I think is new material in the chapters and what is review.  I hit the highlights of the chapter in my opinion.  Listening to these will be aided greatly by faster access speeds.


Q8)  Is there a required textbook for the course?

A8)  Yes.  The required textbook is A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition by Mike Meyers, McGraw-Hill Publishing Company.  The book can be purchased through the IVCC Bookstore or online.


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