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Welcome to CSP 2230, A+ Certification.  This welcome letter is for students who have already enrolled in CSP 2230 - section 100 for the Spring 2012 semester.  Please read through this letter to discover what the class is all about and learn what to do next.

I'm very excited to be teaching this topic in an online setting.  I think it will bring challenges but also great flexibility for both you the student, and for me!


This course covers the major areas on the CompTIA A+ certification exam and helps prepare the student to take the A+ certification exam.


For many of you, this is your first online course.  Therefore, your first assignment is to get acquainted with how the course will operate (details about that assignment are not on this page - they are in Blackboard). 

Just because this is an online class, don't think that it's going to be any easier than a face-to-face class.  This is a one-credit hour course presented in 16 weeks.  On campus, the class would meet for 1 hour a week   You should expect to spend a minimum of 1 hour "in class" in this online class.  PLUS, all homework assignments, reading, and research can take as much as two to three times that long to complete.  Count on setting aside 2-3 hours each week for this class.  We cover multiple chapters per week and have quizzes to take at the end of each chapter.

The whole purpose of this class is to help you prepare to take the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam.  You've already learned or are currently learning the topics the exam covers in other classes such as CSN 1225 (Core Networking), CSO 2202 - Advanced Windows, CSP 2200 - PC Repair.  Students in the past have had a hard time bringing the content for these classes together. PLUS since you have these courses span a number of semesters, you need refreshers before you actually sit for the certification exam.  So the class helps you prepare in that way.


  To go to class, go to Blackboard and sign on.  Click on your class and section number.  You are now "in" the CSP 2230 - 100 class.  This class IS NOT self-paced.  Each week we will be working on a chapter and assignments.  Due dates are placed on all assignments.  When the topic and due date expires, all work is expected to be completed.  If it is not, you will receive a zero (0) for the uncompleted work.  No extensions are given.


Begin each week by signing into Blackboard.  

  1. Check the ANNOUNCEMENTS for any reminders, corrections, etc that I have posted for that week.  I will post each week a "to do" list that will tell you exactly what to do for the chapter(s) we are covering.  
  2. You can also go to the course weekly outline to see what topics are to be covered that week.  This document is stored under COURSE INFORMATION and can be printed at the beginning of the semester so you know what to expect. Read the assigned chapter and possible supplemental web material. They can help you supplement your reading. 
  3. Listen to the PODCAST (mp3 files) that I have recorded for the chapter(s).  I record an audio version of my take on the chapter.  I include:

4.      Take the Practice Quiz located in ASSIGNMENTS.  Each practice quiz is worth 5-10 points.  You may take it as many times as you'd like.  Only your most recent score is posted in the grade book.  These are not timed and you can go back to them at any time during the week to retake.  Everyone should receive full credit for these !!!

5.     Take the "Quiz for Grade" located in ASSIGNMENTS.  Each "real" quiz is worth 10-25 points and must be completed in one sitting.

DON'T FORGET : You'll need to take any quizzes that are due on or before the date they are due.  Some weeks may not have any assignments due - others will have multiple assignments due.  These due dates are clearly posted in Blackboard and will be enforced.  No late assignments will be accepted.


There are MANY chapters in the textbook.  That’s a lot for a one hour class!  But, realistically, these chapters and topics are not new to you.  You’ve been taught MOST of the contents of this book in various classes throughout your IVCC certificate or degree.  This class helps you to join disparate classes and relate what you’ve learned into a whole.  I record audio podcasts to help stress what may be new or not covered in detail in other classes.  Read through the chapters and take the weekly quizzes to see what you need to “bone up” on in order to successfully complete the CompTIA A+ exam.

There is only one exam - the final - for this class.  An entire week is set aside to take the exam.  I will provide a list of authorized testing centers that will proctor your exam. 


Policies regarding cheating may be found under the heading of "Academic Integrity" in the IVCC Student Handbook.  Students should become familiar with these policies and abide by them. Cheating on an assignment will result in partial credit for the first offense and a zero for the second offense.  The Vice President of Student Services will be notified of the second offense.


Students have the ability to initiate a withdrawal from classes. By completing the form in the Records Office or through the form located within WebAdvisor, the student is authorizing IVCC to remove him/her from the course. Entering the student ID number serves as the student’s electronic signature. IVCC has the right to rescind a withdrawal in cases of academic dishonesty or at the instructor’s discretion. Students should be aware of the impact of a withdrawal on full-time status for insurance purposes and for financial aid. It is highly recommended that students meet with their instructor or with a counselor before withdrawing from a class to discuss if a withdrawal is the best course of action for that particular student.

More detailed information is available at www.ivcc.edu/admissions and selecting the menu item for Withdrawals on the left side of the page.

The instructor also reserves the right to withdraw a student from this class. The instructor will email the student (using the IVCC email address) approximately one week prior to withdrawal.

The last date for withdrawal for the Spring 2012 Semester is April 9, 2012.



Final grades will be assigned based upon the student's accumulated points.  Grading is done objectively taking only the work completed into consideration.  The gradebook is kept on Blackboard and can be viewed by you so you know where you stand in the class at all times.  Letter grades will be assigned using the following scale:

    A    100% - 90%

    B    89% - 80%

    C    79% - 70%

    D    69% - 60%

    F    Below 60%


If you are student with a documented cognitive, physical or psychiatric disability (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, AD/HD, post-traumatic stress, and others) you may be eligible for academic support services such as extended test time, texts on disc, note taking services, etc.  If you are interested in learning if you can receive these academic support services, please contact either Tina Hardy (tina_hardy@ivcc.edu or 224-0284) or Judy Mika (Judy_Mika@ivcc.edu or 224-0350), or stop by the Disability Services Office in B-204.


The Learning Commons and Learning Technologies have orientation sessions to cover how to use Blackboard, IVCC's network, and e-mail.  These sessions can be taken in a face-to-face setting or online.  During this orientation session, they may instruct you to "enroll" in the Blackboard course.  I have already enrolled each of you.  That allows you to have access to all the online material in the class.


I will communicate as much as possible via your IVCC email address.