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English Composition 2 Online

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Welcome to English Composition 2 Online!

Hello! If you are enrolled in ENG 1002 Online at IVCC, please read this page.

My name is Randy Rambo, and I am the instructor of English Composition 2 Online. I would like to welcome you to the class, and I look forward to working with you this semester.

We do not have class meetings for this online course. Instead, our class is conducted via the Internet. You can find the course home page at http://www2.ivcc.edu/eng1002. The home page includes a link to the college Blackboard system, which we use for our interaction. You can also access the home page of English Composition 2 Online from my home page, at http://www2.ivcc.edu/rambo. It may take you a little while to become familiar with the technology and with the setup of the course, but most students catch on quickly. The technology that we use for the course is not complicated, and there is no special software required for the course. You just need an Internet connection, a Web browser, and any word processor.

The course begins Wednesday, August 16, and the first assignments are due shortly after this time.

If you have questions or concerns about the course, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. My e-mail address is randy_rambo@ivcc.edu.

Getting Started with Blackboard

We use the online course system called Blackboard. It is quite popular, so you might have used it before. Even if you have never used Blackboard, you should find it easy to get started with it.

There are links to Blackboard at the home page for ENG 1002 Online (at http://www2.ivcc.edu/eng1002) and at the home page of Illinois Valley Community College (at https://www.ivcc.edu). After you click the link to Blackboard, you will see the page where you enter your username and password.

Blackboard Username and Password
Your Blackboard username is your IVCC K-Number.

You can read more about the K-Number and find out what your number is by going to the college's K-Number--Do You Know Your K? page.

Your Blackboard password is your seven-digit IVCC student ID number.

Your student ID number appears on your class schedule and on your college ID card. Your student ID is made up of seven numbers. If you see a 14-digit number that begins with 24611 and ends in 01, then the seven numbers between 24611 and 01 make up your student ID number. You can see an example of how the ID number appears on a student ID card at the college's Blackboard User Guides page.

Blackboard Login
Username: K-Number
Password: Seven-digit IVCC student ID number

Entering our Class in Blackboard
To enter our course Blackboard, simply log in to Blackboard at http://ivcc.blackboard.com. Then, under "My Courses" on the right side of the screen, click on the name of our class.

That's it! After you complete the steps above, you will be able to join our class in Blackboard.

(Please contact me right away if you have any problem logging in to Blackboard or if you can log in to Blackboard but do not see our class listed under "My Courses.")    

ENG 1002 Prerequisite

Completion of ENG 1001
Successful completion of ENG 1001 (English Composition 1), or its equivalent, is required before a student can enroll in ENG 1002. Students are expected to begin the course with a basic understanding of how to write essays and how to avoid major errors in punctuation, grammar, and word choice.

Required Orientation
In addition, students must complete IVCC's Distance Learning Orientation before beginning their first online course at IVCC. You can read about the orientation at the Web page at http://www.ivcc.edu/dl.aspx?id=2326. The orientation is required.

Again, the course begins Wednesday, August 16. We follow the same semester timeline as courses on campus, so it is important that you join us as soon as the course begins.

Welcome to the class, and I look forward to an enjoyable semester with you!


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