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Aside from the fact that this section of ENG 1205 is an online class, what should you know about this course? What kind of class is it? Who takes it? Why is it important? I'll try to answer those questions on this page.


ENG 1205 (Written Communication Skills for Business, Industry, and Technology) is designed to prepare students to write the types of documents common in business, industry, and technology—things like letters, memos, reports, descriptions, summaries, resumes, and application letters. 

This course also focuses on the types of activities that accompany good writing, such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and collaborative skills. In addition, the course provides opportunities for students to utilize various technologies being used today in written communication—for example, word-processing software, e-mail, and the World Wide Web.


Students who enroll in this course come from a variety of majors and areas of study. 

Some of these areas include business, marketing, accounting, computer networking, computer-aided design, computer information systems, electronics, child care, and on and on. Some students come from jobs they already have in business and industry and simply want to hone their writing skills to enhance their performance on the job. Others simply may want to communicate more effectively with friends, family, businesses, and others. 


Now, having told you what ENG 1205 is and who takes it, I’m realistic enough to know that many students take ENG 1205, as they do many writing classes, because it’s a requirement for their degrees. Amazing as it is, many people don’t like to write! (You can tell you’re dealing with an English teacher here, can’t you?) How many of you like to write? Anyone? Someone? 

Seriously, some of you probably do like to write. For some of us, writing is a great way to express ourselves and we find it a rewarding, even enjoyable experience.  

For the rest of you, even if you only tolerate or even dislike writing, I’m still looking forward to working with you in this class. I'm not teaching this class because I have some grand illusion of turning all of you into English majors, novelists, poets, or even people who necessarily love to write. I'm teaching this class because I strongly believe that solid writing skills give you a distinct advantage in life, both personally and professionally, whether you particulary enjoy writing or not.

Specifically, solid writing skills enable you to promote yourself and your ideas more effectively, to complete a greater variety of tasks and assignments, and, in general, to influence those around you through your communication skills. It's these kinds of advantages that can lead to profitable employment, promotion, and, in turn, earning more money.  

As I hope you can tell, ENG 1205 is, above all, a practical course that teaches a marketable skill that can make a significant difference in your life. Get your money’s worth out of this class and take advantage of all that good writing skills can do for you.