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Unless otherwise noted, reading assignments refer to Workplace Communications: The Basics, 6th ed.  This schedule includes major assignments for each unit. More specific due dates, assignments, and instructions will be provided with each unit through the class Blackboard.  

UNIT 1: Wednesday, 6/10Thursday, 6/11
Class Introduction 

Intro to Blackboard and Netiquette
Autobiography, Skills/Expectations Survey
Quiz 1

UNIT 4: Thursday, 7/2Thursday, 7/23
Long Reports
Chapters 10, 11, 5, and 9
Graded Long Report Proposal
Graded Long Report
Quiz 4
Mid-term Survey


UNIT 2: Thursday, 6/11Thursday, 6/18
Letters, Memos, E-mail
Chapters 1 and 2
Graded Letter and E-mail
Quiz 2
UNIT 5: Thursday, 7/23Thursday, 7/30
and Procedure Descriptions
Chapter 7
Graded Instructions
Quiz 5
UNIT 3: Thursday, 6/18Thursday, 7/2
Visuals and Short Reports
Chapters 3 and 4
Graded Short Report
Quiz 3

UNIT 6: Thursday, 7/30Tuesday 8/4
Application Letters and Resumes

Chapter 8
Graded Application Letter and Resume
Quiz 6
End-of-Semester Survey