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Illinois Valley Community College's

Film, Art, and Literature

Film 2010

Spring 2005

Kimberly M. Radek, Instructor


Course Begins: 10 January 2005
Course Ends: 10 May 2005

Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia in Zeffirelli's Hamlet (1990)
W. G. Simmonds's The Drowning of Ophelia (1910)

Course Description

This course looks closely at the relationship of film, visual art, and literature, focusing most specifically upon the interaction between them from a historical perspective, i.e., how this relationship has changed as the art forms have changed since their inception. Required comparative readings and film and art viewings are a component of this course. 

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Contact Kimberly M. Radek, the instructor of Film, Art, and Literature, at Kimberly_Radek@ivcc.edu

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