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Form to Content Presentations

In these assignments, you will acquaint the class with a work of art which belongs to the art form we have been studying in the relevant section.  In this acquaintance, you will summarize the work, if necessary, and explain to the class what that work's theme is and how the artist—whether writer, painter, or director—has used the elements of the art form to convey that theme. Since you will be introducing the class to this piece, please refrain from using a piece that we have read and studied together in class.

These are formal presentations, so you should be using visual aids, handouts, and/or presentation software. Additionally, you should show classmates or provide them with a copy of or excerpt from the work, and I can help you with the photocopying expense with a week's lead time. Likewise, if you need help obtaining a film clip, I can assist you with that, as well, with enough lead time.

Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia in Zeffirelli's Hamlet (1990)

These presentations should last between 5 and 10 minutes.
W. G. Simmonds's The Drowning of Ophelia (1910)

I will give you time in class occasionally to work on these presentations, but you may certainly need to plan some meetings outside of class. Each presentation should contain a minimum of 5 subtopics or slides, addressing the work's theme and at least four elements of that art form.

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