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Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee lives in Great Britain and is a well-known writer within the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.  Her work is often anthologized, most notably in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror collections, now in its 17th year, and in the adult fairy tale series which began with Snow White, Blood Red. In addition to writing for adults, she also has several series intended for mature adolescent readers, such as her Unicorn series and her Claidi series.  

The selections provided here are designed to show how a story’s point of view affects its theme.  "Red as Blood" is another look at the fairy tale "Little Snow White" that Gilbert and Gubar analyzed earlier.  The following stories also rework a traditional fairy tale but with a much more adult readership in mind.  In fact, be warned that you might consider these works to contain explicit sex and/or violence.

If you are intrigued with Lee's work after reading these stories, feel free to read some online interviews with her, one done by Tabula Rasa and one by Locus Magazine.

Photograph of Tanith Lee, November 2001
from http://www.tanithlee.com/index.html

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