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Enheduanna was the daughter of Sargon, one of the most important leaders of pre-history.  Enheduanna is the first writer, of either men or women, whose name has been preserved in history.  Her Sumerian poems to Inanna, the goddess of love, show her close relationship both to her faith and to the deity.  

Her poems were written (and preserved) on cuneiform tablets.

Please read Roberta Binkley's essays on Enheduanna at  http://www.cddc.vt.edu/feminism/Enheduanna.html

Then read her works, as follows:

Her temple hymns: http://www_etcsl.orient.ox.ac.uk/section4/tr4801.htm

Her poem "Inninsagurra" ("A Hymn to Inana"): http://www_etcsl.orient.ox.ac.uk/section4/tr4073.htm

Her poem "Ninmesarra" ("The Exaltation of Inana"), which is addressed to Inana: http://www_etcsl.orient.ox.ac.uk/section4/tr4072.htm

Her poem "Inninmehusa" ("Inana and Ebih"): http://www_etcsl.orient.ox.ac.uk/section1/tr132.htm

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Cover art from Inanna, Lady of Largest Heart : Poems of the Sumerian High
 by Betty De Shong Meador

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