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Gender Studies Courses

Gender Studies classes at IVCC focus upon the influence and affects of gender on people's lives, as well on the process of gender socialization.  The courses proceed from the premise that all people are equal and should be treated so. The gender courses are all available for general education credit and have been approved by the Illinois Articulation Initiative  Selection of the appropriate class may depend upon your ability and your major. For assistance in selecting the proper class, please contact the IVCC counselors.


Gender 2000: Women through Cultures and Centuries

This course examines the historical development of gender norms, identities and roles as they have been shaped and changed by cultural, historical and political factors. The course will promote understanding of the significance that gender plays in societies. The opportunity to learn about the history and contributions of women in the arts and sciences, and to think critically regarding these issues is available to male and female students in this context.

Prerequisite: None
Credit Hours: 3
IAI Designation: H9 900

Gender 2001: Women in Ancient Cultures

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the status and relationships of women and men within the historical context of ancient western civilization and the development of patriarchy in society, especially as they apply to the status and relationships of men and women today. Students will learn of archaeological finds, including architecture, art, literature--both belles letters and otherwise--and human remains and also of social, philosophical, and historical theories that explain, or attempt to explain, the ideologies regarding the role of women and men in ancient societies.

Prerequisite: ENG 1001
Credit Hours: 3
IAI Designation: HF907 D

Gender 2002: Women in Literature

This course looks closely at literature by and/or about women as it informs their gendered identity. Historical and chronological discussion of gender role definition and the relationship between that and how women are viewed and view themselves is a key component of this course. Discussion of readings, films and other media trace the development of women's writings and increases students' appreciation and awareness of the excellence in women's writing.

Prerequisites: ENG 1001 and ENG 1002
Credit Hours: 3
IAI Designation: H3 911D






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