Julie Hogue, MSN, RN

Director of Nursing

and Health Professions


    Illinois Valley Community College
       815 Orlando Smith Avenue, Oglesby, IL  61348


Office - A217         Telephone - 815-224-0481

email - julie_hogue@ivcc.edu

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 "The very first canon of nursing, the first and the last thing upon which a nurse's attention must be fixed, the first to a patient, without which all the rest you can do for him is nothing, which I had almost said you may leave all the rest alone, is this:  TO KEEP THE AIR HE BREATHES AS PURE AS THE EXTERNAL AIR WITHOUT CHILLING HIM".
From "Notes on Nursing"   1898               Florence Nightingale                   (1820 - 1910)  

Now, that's the ABC's 1800's style!