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Member Information

The information on this page is for those students who have been accepted to the program. Prospective members can also feel free to explore any content that is not password-protected.

Honors Course Offerings: Spring 2017

In spring 2017, the Honors Team is offering five opportunities for you receive Honors credit on your transcript.

1.) Honors 1001-150: Honors Orientation (required, the first course in the program)

2.) Honors 1003-01: Honors Project (required, taken in the middle of the program)

3.) Philosophy 1013-75: Honors Comparative Religions (optional, taken in the middle of the program)

4.) Independent Project (optional, taken in the middle of the program)

5.) Honors 1002-100: Honors Portfolio (required, the last course in the program)

Independent Project Proposals

If you would like to complete an independent project for Honors credit, please see our Blackboard for more information. You may also direct any questions to Director Adam Oldaker at adam_oldaker@ivcc.edu. The deadline to submit independent project proposals is September 9.

Important Dates: Spring 2017

January 23: Honors 1003-01: Honors Project begins

January 26: Deadline to apply for Honors Program admission

February 1: Honors 1001-150: Honors Orientation and Honors 1002-100: Honors Portfolio begin

February 3: Deadline to submit independent project proposals