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Christian M. Jauch
Business Technology
Email: Chris_Jauch@ivcc.edu

Twitter: @ProfJauchIVCC

Summer 2017 Course Schedule

June 14, 2017 through August 9, 2017

Classes begin June 15, 2017

For a sample of course syllabi, click on the corresponding course links under Past Courses Taught

CSP-1203-01, Microsoft Office Professional 1, T-R 8:00-9:40 Lecture; 10:00-11:30 Lab, A-212 CSI-1002-100, Intro to Business Computer Systems, Online Offering


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Past Courses Taught

Click class title for Sample Syllabus

1.     CRJ-2260, Police Community Relations
    SP2008, SP2009, SP2010, SP2011, SP2012

2.    CRJ-1000, Introduction to Criminal Justice

3.    CRJ-1210, Policing in America

4.  CSI-1002, Intro to Business Computers
    FA2015, SP2016, SU2016, FA2016, SP2017

5.    CSO-1202, Microsoft Windows Vista
    FA2009 (No longer offered)

6.    CSO-1202, Microsoft Windows 7
    FA2011, FA2012

7.    CSP-1203, Microsoft Office Professional 1 (Office 2010)
    FA2011, SP2012, SU2012, FA2012, SP2013, SU2013

8.  CSP-1203, Microsoft Office Professional 1 (Office 2013)
    FA2013, SP2014, SU2014, FA2014, SP2015

9.  CSP-2203, Microsoft Office Professional 2 (Office 2010)
    SP2013, SP2014, SP2015

10.    CSP-1210, Basic Computer Skills for the Workplace
    SP2010, SU2011, FA2014, SP2015, FA2015, SP2016, FA2016

11.    CSP-1230, Basic Keyboarding (The content of this course will be changing in the Spring 2013 Semester)
    SP2011, SP2012

12.  CSP-2222, Office Technology Internship
     SU2012, FA2012, SP2013, SU2013, FA2013,
     SP2014, FA2014, SP2015

13.    CSS-1200, Basic Microsoft Excel - Self-paced Instruction

14.   CSW-1203, Microsoft Word - Self-paced Instruction

15.   SFC-1000, Strategies for College
    FA2008, SP2009, FA2009, FA2011


If you have any questions about any of these courses you may send me an email at the address listed above.


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