Keith R. King

Biology Instructor

Illinois Valley Community College

"vascular bundle ninja"

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Office: D-316   Phone: (815) 224-0201


Bio 1000: The Global Environment

Bio 1001: General Biology I

Bio 1003: Principles of Biology

Bio 1004:Biological Diversity

Bio 1009: Microbiology

My Schedule Spring 2014

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9     Lab Duty    
9:30     A-101    
10 Lab Duty   Office Hour    
10:30 A-101   D-316    
11 Office Hour   Office Hour   Lab Duty
11:30 D-316   D-316   A-101
12 Lab Duty  Office Hour Lab Duty Lab Duty BIO 1001-03
12:30 A-101 D-316 A-101 A-101 A-101 Sem
1 Lab Duty BIO 1001-01 Lab Duty BIO 1001-02 BIO 1001-06
1:30 A-101 A-101 Sem A-101 A-101 Sem A-101 Sem
2 BIO 1001-04 Lab Duty BIO 1001-05 Office Hour Office Hour D-316
2:30 A-101 Sem A-101  A-101 D-316  
3     Lab Duty    
3:30     A-101    
6:30     BIO 1009-302    
9:15     A-101 Lab    


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BIO 1007: Anatomy and Physiology I Resources

Histo-Jeopardy-Here is a fun exercise to test your tissue identification skills.  All new slides I took pictures of in the lab, and some of them are intentionally difficult.  Downloads as a powerpoint file, just view slide show to play.  Large file unfortunately, sorry.


BIO 1008: Anatomy and Physiology II Resources

Blood flow through the heart power point

Heart Jeopardy-to run just view the slide show

answers to heart jeopardy

If printing a powerpoint, please save paper by printing more than one slide to a page.