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ENG 1205-01 Home Page Long Report (300 points)

This report assignment requires you to expand on the recommendation report you wrote for the Short Report Assignment for Unit 2.


You will use the same topic as you used for the Short Report Assignment.


You probably will use the same audience as you did for the Short Report Assignment.


Your report must follow the long report format discussed in Chapter 11. Consistent with that format, it must contain the following components: 

1) Front Matter (Each element below on a separate page) 

2) Text (3-4 single-spaced pages, plus at least one visual)

3) Back Matter (Each element below on a separate page) 

For a report that contains these components and that illustrates correct report format, see the example in Workplace Communications, pp. 207-18.


Your long report will follow the design guidelines in Chapter 4 regarding type, margins, textual divisions, headings, and lists. Also note the following design requirements:


You must include information from at least three sources in your long report. These sources may be primary and/or secondary.

Secondary sources are sources already compiled by someone else (books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, websites, reports, product brochures, manuals, etc.). Primary sources are sources that contain information you gather yourself (interviews, surveys, experiments, etc.).  

Workplace Communications discusses both MLA format for documentation and APA format. You may use either format to provide the bibliography and parenthetical citations for information you include from your sources.


Your long report grade will be based on content, organization, tone, format, design, use/documentation of sources, and correctness (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling).

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