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ENG 1205-01 Home Page Short Report Assignment (300 points)

This report assignment requires you to write a short recommendation report on a real topic of your choice. Chapter 4 defines a recommendation report as follows: “A recommendation report assesses a troublesome or unsatisfactory situation, identifies a solution to the problem, and persuades decision makers to pursue a particular course of action that will improve matters” (78).

Important Note: This topic will also be your topic for the Long Report Assignment (300 points) for Unit 4. For that assignment, you will be expanding on your short report, adding source material, and adding other components typical of long reports (such as a title page, abstract, table of contents, etc.).


Your topic may come from your work, community, college experience, or any other area of your life where you can identify a troublesome or unsatisfactory situation. Preferably, pick a topic that you’re really interested in, that has something to do with your career field, and/or that you feel strongly about.

Important Note: Looking ahead to the long report, pick a topic on which you’re confident you can find information—in print or electronic sources and/or through interviews or surveys. Also choose a topic you are confident you can expand on to meet the length requirement for the long report, which will be four pages of text. Overall, you should select your topic carefully because the short and long report together are worth a substantial number of points. In addition, you’ll be expending a great deal of time and energy on these projects. The more satisfied you are with your topic, the more satisfied you’re likely to be with your reports.


You will write your report to a real decision maker, an executive reader who has the means to act on your recommendations. As you prepare your report, you should do so with this reader in mind. In other words, write the report as if that person will be the reader. You aren't required to submit the report to that reader, just to me. However, when I grade your report, I’ll be doing my best to assess how convincing it would be for that reader.


Here are a few topics and readers students have chosen in the past. As some of the examples below illustrate, a “troublesome or unsatisfactory situation” doesn’t have to be extremely serious or complex. Of course, these are only provided as examples. Be observant. Be creative. If you have an idea, but you’re not sure if it will work, let me know.


Your short report will follow these format and design requirements:


The length of the text of your report should be at least two typed pages, using 12-point type size. Your visual is required, but does not count toward the length requirement.

Important Note: The text of your long report will be 4 typed pages, using 12-point type size and the same line spacing. Again, keep in mind that you will need to expand your short report for the long report assignment. Make sure that it can be expanded to 4 pages, minus any visuals you include.


Your short report grade will be based on content, organization, tone, format, design, and correctness (grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling).

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