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Pam Mammano, RN, MS

Illinois Valley Community College
Health Professions/Nursing

 Nursing Instructor
Office: B220
Phone: 815-224-0322
E-mail: Pam_Mammano@ivcc.edu

During the school year, my office hours change each eight weeks due to nursing clinical and meetings.

You can leave me a message at 815-224-0322 or
email me at Pam_Mammano@ivcc.edu  (the preferred way of contact)

 SPRING 2014 Office Hours


8:30-9; 1:30-3:30pm (faculty meeting 11-1)


10-12 or if at clinical
30 minutes before clinical and 30 minutes after clinical at OSF SEMC


30 minutes before clinical and 30 minutes after clinical at OSF SEMC


30 minutes before clinical and 30 minutes after clinical at OSF SEMC


only by appointment

A.  NUR 1210 - Mental Health Nursing Offered Spring Semester;  1st 8 wks (clinical/seminar) 2nd 8 wks (clinical/seminar) Clinical times change weekly; therefore, best way to schedule appointment is by emailing at Pam_Mammano@ivcc.edu
Enrolled Students Have Access to Information through Blackboard

B.  ALH 1001 Medical Terminology Offered:  Fall, Spring & Summer
SP 2014 Student ALH 1001 - Student Syllabus  
For all on-line sections of SP 2014 ALH 1001
Start Date:  no later than 1-13-14  ALH 1001 sections 100 & 101  & 102 
SP 2014 Assignment Document

ALH 1001 (Mammano) courses will be through IVCC Blackboard - EXAMS MUST be taken through the RESONDUS LOCKDOWN BROWSER.   The steps you need to complete:
1. Register for this class through IVCC
2. Print off the syllabus and assignment documents - above. 
3.  Purchase the textbook from the IVCC Bookstore which is bundled with a booklet containing the STUDENT ACCESS CODE for
     Medical Terminology Interactive - that will add the interactive section of this course. 
4.  You need to be using your IVCC Student email address in when emailing me.  If you do not know how to use your IVCC Student email address - Directions are found on either the IVCC web Page,  www.ivcc.edu. Go to quick links and down to Student Email.  OR go to Learning Commons, located in D201 or call
815-224-0318 for assistance
5. You can email me for the Class ID Ė see below when to use this.
6. You will automatically be enrolled (Batch Enrolled) on or about January 10 into the IVCC BLackboard  "ALH 1001-100, 101,& 102- Medical Terminology Online - Mammano" course. 
If you are in ALH 1001 section 101, 102 you will automatically be enrolled (Batch Enrolled) on or about January 10.
Once you open the Blackboard Course, you will see the menu buttons on the left side of the screen.
7. Click on Course Information Menu Button in the Blackboard Course on the left side of the screen and follow the directions to use the MTI access code.  This will take you to the Pearson's MyHealthProfssion general page..
8. Click on the Medical Terminology Interactive link.  You will see a picture of your textbook: Medical Terminology: A Living Language, 5e, Fremgen.  There is also a great video on this page explaining MTI, how to register, etc. on this web page.
9. Click on the Medical Terminology Interactive Button below the picture of your textbook.  This is where you will use the MTI access code.  You are supposed to have to only enter the MTI access code once and then you will set up user name and password.  BUT I would keep the MTI access code and your user name and password in a safe place, just in case you need it.
10.  You will also need to email me to obtain a CLASS ID.  You will be prompted to join a class in the Pearson Web Site after you register.  It is important that you join this class, so I can keep track of your activities in the Interactive Section of this class.
11.  You will also need to download the RESPONDUS LOCKDOWN BROWSER - ALL EXAMS are to be taken using this testing browser.  If you do not know how to download this - directions are found on the IVCC Student Help Desk - under Blackboard - How to download Respondus at  (http://www.ivcc.edu/studenthelpdesk.aspx?id=16945)

Donít hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions, concerns or suggestions at pam_mammano@ivcc.edu _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Courses  Previously  Taught
SFC 1000 Strategies for College
Nursing 1221   Holistic Medical Nursing for Practical Nurse (OB/Pediatric Section)
Nursing 2202 Maternal Child Nursing - Lecture and Clinical
Nursing  1201  Fundamentals of Nursing I -Lecture and Clinical
Nursing 1202  Fundamentals of Nursing II - Lecture and Clinical
Nursing 1210 Mental Health Nursing - Lecture and Clinical
Allied Health 1001 Medical Terminology ; face to face and telecourse & on-line sections
Clinical for Nursing 2210 Holistic Nursing III
Clinical for Nursing 2211 Holistic Nursing IV

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