MTH 0907-100 FALL 2012 Syllabus 

Mary Black, Instructor
Office: B203, 224-0546
Office hours: TR 2:15 – 3:15pm
& W 3:30 – 5pm
MyMathLab course ID:



Required course materials:
Beginning & Intermediate Algebra by Lial, Hornsby, & McGinnis (MyMathLab contains an online version of the textbook. If you’d prefer to use that you do NOT have to purchase the hard copy of the text.)

MyMathLab (comes shrink-wrapped with new texts, otherwise you must purchase separately)

A notebook of your choice,

A 2-line scientific calculator (I recommend Texas Instruments model TI-30XIIs)
Catalog Description: This is the second course in a 2-semester developmental algebra sequence. Topics to be studied include: algebraic operations, functions, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, exponents and radicals, and quadratic functions. The grade in this course is neither computed in G.P.A. nor applicable to any degree or certificate program for graduation. This course is a prerequisite for MTH 0908 and transfer level math courses.

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to demonstrate the ability to solve and graph linear equations and inequalities, demonstrate a working knowledge of the definition of a function, demonstrate a working knowledge of exponents and polynomials, demonstrate the ability to factor polynomials, demonstrate the ability to manipulate rational expressions and to solve equations that contain rational expressions, demonstrate a working knowledge of rational exponents, radicals, and complex numbers, and demonstrate the ability to solve quadratic equations. _______________________________________________________________________
Course Information

My Math Lab (MML)

We will be using Course Compass to manage our online coursework. Within Course Compass is MyMathLab which we will use to complete additional math work online. There is a built-in tutorial on how to use the program—any additional training will be provided by your instructor on an as-needed basis. Each student will be given log-in information and instructions on how to use this tool. You must have reliable high-speed internet access at home or be available to access the world-wide web from a computer lab on campus. NOT HAVING A COMPUTER AT HOME IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR FAILURE TO COMPLETE ANY ASSIGNMENT! If you do not have a computer or are not online at home, you must make the time to complete your work on campus. You can receive additional help using this tool by seeing Mrs. Black or by going to the Learning Commons on IVCC’s campus and getting help from an assistant there.


Since this course is taught entirely online, attendance is measured a little differently. You should plan on logging in to the course at a minimum of 4 times per week as well as checking your email regularly as I will be communicating with you via the email address you provide when registering for CourseCompass. However, if I see that you have not logged in or completed coursework in the specified timeframe, expect an e-mail or phone call from me regarding your progress. It is expected that you’ll be working on your material every day so that you’ll be able to complete the course at or before the end of the semester.  An online course requires as much time as the traditional classroom course would, if not more. Please manage your time wisely. If you have trouble doing this, please let me know—I’d be more than happy to help you put together a schedule!

The last day for student withdrawal is November 8. The instructor reserves the right to withdraw any student who fails to log into CourseCompass for 3 weeks or more OR who is more than one full unit behind at the withdrawal date, regardless of the student's current grade in the class. Withdrawal from a course can affect financial aid. Students who receive financial aid should see an advisor in the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course.
ALL assignments are listed in the “Assignments” section in MyMathLab and are in folders according to unit. Pay attention to the due dates for the online assignments—Quizzes are the only assignment in which you’ll be locked out once the due date passes. If this happens, email me and I will unlock it for you. Keep in mind that you will be given assignments from the text as well as online assignments for certain sections which are located in the “MML assignments” area of MML.


I do not require you to submit any of the textbook assignments. They are assigned to ensure that you have adequate practice on the content in each section and unit. The only assignments that are graded are the online MML assignments, the online quizzes and the unit tests. However, it’s in your best interest to complete ALL assignments whether they are graded or not. Students who have failed to complete the book work in the past have not been successful in the course.


It is perfectly acceptable to work ahead on course material. If you finish the course ahead of schedule, WAY TO GO!!

Quizzes will be done online. You will be given two attempts on each quiz. MML considers it an attempt if you click “submit”. If you go into a quiz, work on it for a while and then exit without submitting, MML automatically saves it for you to come back to at your next opportunity. Clicking “submit” tells the computer to grade your quiz and that will count as an attempt. If you take a quiz and are unhappy with the grade, I suggest you review the missed problems, work a few more from the text as review and then retake the quiz. If for some reason, you find yourself locked out of a quiz because the due date has passed, email me and I will unlock it for you.

Six 100-point unit tests will be given along with a 100-point comprehensive final exam for a total of seven tests. The final exam MAY count twice, in that, your final exam grade may be used to replace your lowest test score and also count as your exam grade. You will also be allowed one retake on every test BUT you must come in to see me and go over your first attempt in person. Failure to do this will result in you NOT being able to retest. All retakes must be done before the next unit test. This is an optional policy…You are not required to retest. The maximum score on a retake will be 91%.

All tests must be taken in the Assessment Center on the main campus of IVCC or at the Ottawa campus. I have given you SUGGESTED due dates for each test. There is no set-in-stone due date for these but all regular unit tests must be completed by NOON on Tuesday, December 11th. The final exam must be completed on or before the Assessment Center closes on Tuesday, December 18th. I recommend that you stick as closely to my suggestions as possible in order to complete the class on schedule. You MUST call the Assessment Center (815-224-0542) to make a testing appointment and you MUST bring a photo ID with you at the time of the test.  If you are enrolled in this course and live outside of the IVCC district, you must let me know within the first few days of class so that we can make testing arrangements.


Cheating, copying, fabricating, or helping a classmate to cheat, copy or fabricate will not be tolerated. If you are caught doing any of these, you will be withdrawn from the course.  No exceptions!  In the event you are caught in any of these activities after the withdrawal date, you will be given an F for the course regardless of your current grade.


Points will be awarded as follows:

6 100-point tests

600 points

1 100-point final

100 points


240 points

MyMathLab/misc assignments

250-300 points


1190-1240 points


**Unexpected things may happen during the semester which may slightly alter the total points. I reserve the right to adapt the schedule and points possible as needed.

You may be eligible for academic accommodations if you have a documented physical, psychiatric (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, AD/HD, post-traumatic stress, or others) or cognitive disability such as a learning disability.  If you have a disability and need more information regarding possible accommodations, please contact Tina Hardy at (, 224-0284) or Judy Mika ( or 224-0350) or stop by office B-204.