Descriptions of Potential Workshop Sessions


Introduction to the Making Industry Meaningful In College (MIMIC) Project
Overview of the MIMIC project including organization, scheduling, typical products, costs, student and project assessment, and spin off projects utilizing the MIMIC model.


Organizing a MIMIC-like Project
Discuss project organization issues such as determining project objectives, recruiting teachers, encouraging administrative support, scheduling the project, setting student requirements, arranging for training and providing communication channels.
Integrating Workplace Skills into a Project
Address integration of workplace skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, goal setting, oral and written communication, decision making, listening and ethics.

Developing the Business Side of a Project
Review marketing, entrepreneurship, and the money-handling issues for a project.

Utilizing Technology in a Project
Explore the technology that can make a project more exciting and realistic for your students and simpler for you.

Developing Your Project
Working in a small group, brainstorm project ideas for your school or college.  From those ideas, begin to develop a project plan.

Assessing the Project and the Students
Develop assessments that measure the progress and success of individual students, teams, and the project and also drive improvements in the project.

Establishing a Leadership Team
Consider honoring students who demonstrate leadership potential, providing them with opportunities for growth, and utilizing their skills for your department, school or college.

Finalizing Your Project Idea
Review and revise the project idea you began developing during the Roundtables.