In May 2008, 20 instructors and administrators from community colleges and high schools across the country participated in a MIMIC Workshop supported by a National Science Foundation grant. In 2 ½ days, the participants not only learned about the multi-disciplinary MIMIC project, but they developed their own plans for multi-disciplinary projects for their colleges/schools and their students. Their plans are available from the link below:

Plans for Multidisciplinary Projects Adapted from the MIMIC Model


The Workshop program, including descriptions of the sessions, is available from the link below:

MIMIC Workshop Sessions - May 2008


Workshop participants rated the workshop and individual workshop sessions as "excellent."

Utilizing a 4 point scale (4 = excellent 3 = good 2 = okay 1 = fair 0 = poor), the participants rated the workshop and sessions as follows:


Average of ratings

Whether sessions prepared them to plan their projects


Whether facilitators provided assistance they needed


Quality of each individual workshop session

Ranged from 3.5 – 4.0

Workshop overall


Comments by workshop participants:

    • "This is by far the best workshop I’ve ever been to. The MIMIC team provided a relaxed and fun environment with tons of information. I will be using MIMIC next year because of this conference. Thank you for facilitating such a wonderful experience!"
    • "Best three days that I have spent exploring ways to enhance my programs. Really helped to see more ideas and applications. Facilitators had lots of helpful comments. Closing keynote was very interesting way to look at job market."
    • "Fabulous in all ways! You are all fantastic and work great as a team. Thank you for a fabulous few days."
    • "I think it would be great to keep this group connected somehow electronically to share programs. Thanks for letting me come."
    • "Excellent presenters and coordinators! Excellent time. Well planned. Organization was great. Nice flow of activities. Closing keynote very insightful."