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Dorene Data has been teaching at IVCC since 1987 and was an originator of the MIMIC project.  She is the CAD/CAE Program Coordinator and teaches Engineering Graphics, Drafting, CAD and Animation classes.  She was co-leader of the Tech Prep Team at IVCC and the Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation grant awarded to IVCC for the MIMIC project.  Before coming to IVCC, she served as a CAD manager in industry for five years. 


Jim Gibson is the Program Coordinator of Electronics.  He received his B.S. and M.S. from Illinois State University and has been teaching since 1989.  His students placed in state competitions for seven years in a row. In 2005, he was named Outstanding Faculty by the National Association of Industrial Technology.  He is still involved in the electronics industry as a troubleshooter and trainer.  He was co-Principal Investigator for the NSF grant awarded to IVCC for the MIMIC project.

Rick Serafini is an accounting professor at IVCC. He received his B.S. from Western Illinois University and his M.S. from Golden Gate University.  He is a CPA and also has his CMA certificate in Accounting.  He joined IVCC as a part time instructor in 2001 and has been full time since 2008.  He worked in various positions in industry over the past 25 years and most recently ran his own CPA and financial services practices.  In addition to teaching accounting, he serves as the advisor for Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE).



Dorene Verucchi Perez, CAD/CAE Program Coordinator, Email:  dorene_verucchi@ivcc.edu

Jim Gibson, Electronics Program Coordinator, Email:  jim_gibson@ivcc.edu

Rick Serafini, Accounting Professor, Email:  rick_serafini@ivcc.edu

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