The 2009 Edible Cars (some of)

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TOP WINNER:  The Magic School Bus with a First in Nutrition, First in Creativity, First in Judges' Favorite (tie), Third in Detail

OVERALL SECOND PLACE WINNER:  Noodle Wagon with a First in Speed, First in Judges' Favorite (tie), Third in Design (tie), Third in Creativity (tie)

The Eagle Express:  First in Design, Second in Nutrition, Third in Judges' Favorite

Invader Zim's Christmas Cadi:  First in Detail

  CETLA 2:  First in Faculty/Staff, 
   Third in Design

Second in Judges' Favorite, Second in Design, Third in Creativitiy, Third in Detail

The Psycho Dems:  First in Student Organizations

College Republicans:  Second in Creativity,
Second in Student Organizations