IVCC Edible Car Contest

2012 Edible Car Contest
Wed. Feb. 22, noon, cafeteria 

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Edible Car Contest Nominated for National Bellwether Award

In fall 2011, IVCC's Edible Car Contest was nominated for a prestigious Bellwether Award, a national award sponsored by the Community College Futures Assembly hosted by the University of Florida.  FOR MORE INFORMATION... 

Edible Car Contest Rules - 2012 - FOR IVCC STUDENTS

Cars must be built entirely from food items edible to humans. Examples: Car bodies have been made from cucumbers, hot dogs, ice cream cones and a loaf of bread. Wheels have been made of pinwheel pasta, cookies and Moon Pies.

Each team must consist of a minimum of three students; at least one team member must be female.  One goal of the contest is to encourage women to consider technical careers.*

Each team may enter one car, and each student may be on one team only.

Entries must look like cars.

Entries must have at least two axles and at least three wheels, also entirely made from food items edible to humans.

To be eligible for a speed prize, an entry must roll down a ramp approximately 3 feet long.

At least one member of the team must be present at the competition for the entry to be eligible for a prize.

Entries must be checked in at the cafeteria by 11:00 a.m. on contest day.

Judges: Area engineers and other celebrities.

Judging Criteria: Design, detail, speed, creativity and a number of special categories. In a tie, the car that tastes best to the judges will be declared the winner. Decisions of the judges are final.

*In special circumstances, gender requirements may be waived.  Contact Dorene Perez or Jim Gibson (see information below).


Faculty-staff teams must consist of at least two people - no gender requirements.


High school teams are encouraged to meet the IVCC student team requirements of a minimum of three members and one female on each team, however, high school teams are eligible to compete without meeting those requirements.  High school team advisors must notify contest organizers (see below) that high school team(s) are competing and if those teams will not meet the IVCC student team requirements. 

High school teams will compete in a category just for high school teams and will also be judged in  and eligible for prizes in other general categories such as design, detail, speed and creativity.


The MIMIC project, the Career and Technical Programs Division of IVCC, and a National Science Foundation grant, in celebration of National Engineering Week.

For Information About the Contest Contact:

Dorene Perez, D105, 815.224.0221, Dorene_Perez@ivcc.edu
Jim Gibson, D107A, 815.224.0453, Jim_Gibson@ivcc.edu
Sue Caley Opsal, B-319, 224-0412, sue_caley@ivcc.edu
Rose Marie Lynch, Rosemarie_Lynch@ivcc.edu