The 2012 Ramp

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The speed winner, above, set a record on the track, completing the three-foot run in 238 mouthfuls per hour.  This sleek cucumber was designed by Team Awsome of Hall High School.

Making a wobbly run down the track,
the squash body vehicle above was more successful
in categories other than speed.  The Hall
High School students who designed this vehicle
won second in the High School category and
third in Design.


These two entries from Streator High School impressed the crowd with their bold salami wheels.  This was the first year for Streator High School students to participate.

Making the speed run, the vehicles above were designed by teams from Putnam County High School, also participating in the contest for the first time this year.


This sugar glass creation, called Venom, won first place in Detail.  Its marshmallow wheels proved to be attractive but not fast enough for the vehicle to finish in the top three.