The 2013 Ramp


The speed winner, above, completing the three-foot run.  This vehicle with rice cake wheels was designed by The Uncle Worms of Hall High School. 

Hall High School team Going Cakeless took Third Place
in the Speed Competition.


This Nutrition winner, made of an eggplant body, 
failed to complete the speed run but did also 
place Second in Design and Second in Detail.  

The potato, above, took second place in Speed, finishing just .01 slower than the winner.  It was designed by IVCC students under the team name of Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies.

The cucumber car, above, placed Second in the
High School category.  It was designed
and built by a team named Watch Where
You're Going Christopher Walken
from Putnam County High School.



The sweet potato, at left, took two Second Place prizes, in Creativity and in the Prospective Engineers category.


The track had to be cleaned after the vehicle, above right, smeared candy from its moist axels during its speed run.