The 2014 Edible Cars (some of)

FIRST PLACE IN SPEED:  This car by a Hall High School student took First Place in Speed and was also awarded a First in the special category of Candy-Twinkie Most Likely to Survive the Creator.  Hall students have won the Speed competition three years in a row.  
OVERALL WINNER:  First in Creativity, First in Most Likely to Run, and First in a special math category made this car the overall winner.  It was designed by math students from IVCC.


FIRST IN DESIGN This creation by a team from Putnam County High School 
was the First Place winner in Design.

This colorful entry, called Hydro King, designed by IVCC
students finished First in Detail

 was the only student organization entry, was designed by
a team of foreign language students named Japapenos Ardientes.

FIRST IN LEAST LIKELY TO RUN:  This unlikely looking vehicle,
by a Putnam County High School team, was judged least likely to run, but it managed to slide down the track and finish the race.

FIRST IN HIGH SCHOOL ENTRIES:  Ramrod II, by Putnam County
High School students, was judged First in High School and also
scored a second in the Speed competition finishing only .01 second
behind the first place car.

THIRD IN SPEED:  The Taters, of LaSalle-Peru High School and
the Area Career Center, won Third in the Speed competition.

SECOND IN HIGH SCHOOL CATEGORY:  The Procrastinators from
Henry-Senachwine High School were second in the High School category. 
This was the first year for H-S students to enter the contest.

THIRD IN HIGH SCHOOL:  Team Marshmallow from Putnam County
High School was Third in the high school category.

   SECOND MOST LIKELY TO RUN:  Vicious and delicious, at left, was judged second most likely to run.  Designed by a team of CAD students from LaSalle-Peru and Area Career Center students, the students submitted a CAD drawing of the design along with the vehicle.