The 2014 Ramp


The speed winner, above, completing the three-foot run.  This vehicle with Oreo cookie wheels, was designed by a Hall High School student.  

Ramrod II, above, finished just .01 behind the
fastest car, at left, to take second place in the
speed competition.  Ramrod II was designed by Putnam 
County High School students.


The cucumber-mobile above, was judged
Third Most Likely to Run, obviously before
the speed competition.  It was designed by Schwingle's
Minions from L-P and Area Career Center.

The lemon wheels on this vehicle by IVCC students
did not prove to be very functional.


The vehicle above, by students from Putnam County High School, was so short that it failed to
trip the electronic timing device on its first run.  For its second try, a toothpick flag mounted on
the vehicle, at left, caused it to topple over.  But third time was the charm, and Abby did complete
the run although not quickly enough to win a speed prize.  This tiny tot did win a Third Place in the
Candy-Twinkie-Survive the Creator special category.

This apple creation by IVCC math students, competing
as Schultz's Scholars, stalled at the start, but was able to complete the race with a nudge.  And although the design team, The Apple Slices, did not take a speed prize, they did win a Second in Design and a Second in the special Math category.

Finishing the run side-ways slowed this Hall
High School vehicle, but the Nice
Dynamite team was successful in the Creativity
category taking second place.

An interesting-looking vehicle, interesting enough for a Third 
Place in Design, but not able to complete the three-foot run. 
.  This car was designed by IVCC math students.

Judge Least Likely to Run, this vehicle is
pictured just before it slides across the finish line, actually finishing in the middle of the pack for time.
It was built by students from Putnam County
High School.