Course Information

The Taste of Engineering Careers Course focuses on engineering technology skills with a single project – designing and building an electric guitar. Each student will design and construct a guitar which becomes the property of the student upon successful completion of the course.

GNT 1210 – Illinois Valley Community College – 2 semester hours

Course Credit
2 semester hours (IVCC credit hours)

Course Eligibility
The course is open to high school seniors, at selected high schools, by application, with juniors eligible in special circumstances.  The first course session, offered in fall 2009, was open to LaSalle-Peru High School and Area Career Center seniors. Since this course is supported by a National Science Foundation grant and a limited number of seats are available, applications are evaluated on the basis of the goal/objectives of the NSF grant, the quality of responses on the application and the individual’s potential for success in a technical/technology-related project.

Free. IVCC tuition for 2 credit hours plus a $5 registration fee and $100 of the cost of guitar components are supported by a National Science Foundation grant.

$75 to be paid to IVCC by the student before the first course session. This fee covers the portion of the cost of guitar components not funded through the NSF grant.

The first section of the course met on nine Saturdays in fall 2009 in the Agriculture Building on the IVCC East Campus.

Course Content
How a guitar works : music and physics
Wiring and setup
Instrument design, using CAD tools
Neck and body blanks: Tolerance, uniformity
Sanding and finishing
Wiring harnesses
Assembly and setup
Measuring build variation

Dorene Perez, Program Coordinator of CAD;
Jim Gibson, Program Coordinator of Electronics;
Tim Bias, Program Coordinator of Manufacturing/Industrial Maintenance.

For More Information About the TEC Course or Other High School Activities, contact:

Principal Investigator Dorene Perez, Program Coordinator of CAE/CAD, Email:

Senior Personnel Jeanette Maurice, IVCC and Starved Rock Associates for Vocational and Technical Education, Email:

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Building an Engineering Technology Workforce:
A Plan for Reaching Young People, Adults and Women

Illinois Valley Community College 2008 - 2011

Goal and Objectives
The goal of Building An Engineering Technology Workforce is to increase the number of people in the Illinois Valley Community College district who prepare to enter engineering and engineering technology careers. This project targets high school and middle school students and adults (non-traditional students), with specific efforts directed at women. The objectives of project activities are:

• To increase awareness of and interest in engineering and engineering technology careers, with special emphasis on the work of engineering technicians.

• To assist in preparing students to enter engineering and engineering technology programs by integrating science, technology and math into project activities

• To increase enrollment in engineering technology programs at IVCC.

Further information about the grant project is available at and from the grant project staff:

Project Principal Investigator
Dorene Perez,

Co-Principal Investigators
Jim Gibson,
Sue Caley,
Rose Marie Lynch,