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The Spring 2018 class officially begins Wednesday, January 10, 2018!  If you haven't done so already, e-mail the professor, Bob Reese, to receive instructions for beginning the class!    
E-mail address: bob_reese@ivcc.edu

Once you've e-mailed the professor, you will receive information about getting started in the class.  All the information you need for the class is in your Blackboard account.  Blackboard will open up the first day of classes!!  A welcome letter, a syllabus, and the Blackboard link is below to get you started.  Good luck!

Welcome Letter
Course Blackboard
You will be enrolled in the class on the first  day of class.  You will NOT be able to get into Blackboard until then.
**Don't forget to check the weekly announcements on Blackboard!!
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