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Welcome to Issues in Professional Nursing

Welcome to Issues in Professional Nursing. This course is designed to assist the student nurse in exploring current issues and trends in nursing, as well as in the health care arena in general. I am very excited to be teaching this course and have may new things planned to help you blaze the path to discovering how nursing as a profession came about; exploring issues and trends in health care; understanding how our national economy influences nursing; what legal and ethical issues guide and influence the way we practice nursing; and finally, how you can influence the profession through your involvement and actions within and outside your organization.

So how do we begin? Well in an effort to accommodate your busy schedules, I have decided to offer this course in a format that allows for reduced seat time. What does that mean exactly? It means that you will spend less time in class. Yes, I said you will spend less time in class. But you do need to participate.

In order to accomplish the objectives for the course and allow for a flexible schedule, we will be using Blackboard to conduct most of the assignments for the class. This means that you will need to access the internet through a computer at home, work or at school to obtain class assignments and class documents, take quizzes, submit written work, participate in discussions, view your grades, and share views with other students. I do expect that all work will be completed on time and that you will actively participate in the course with your peers. I will also be using the internet to communicate with you, so you will need to check the announcements page frequently, and must have access to an e-mail account either at home or on campus.

There may be several times when it will be necessary for all students to meet together on campus for presentations, guest speakers, etc., regardless of section registered for. Check the course calendar to see when those dates are, otherwise you will participate in a group format with a pre-selected group of your peers who have been chosen randomly by me. This way you do not need to respond to all  persons' postings in the discussion board.

Ready to get started?  You have already been added to the course and your passwords should be the same as for your other blackboard classes. Your first assignment will be to access the site and create a personal profile for yourself including e-mail, or at least take a look and make sure all of the information you would like to share is accurate. All that is required is your name and e-mail address. Good luck and see you soon.


Issues in Professional Nursing

Course Syllabus

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