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GEL 1009

Course Objectives


This course is an introductory study into the origin and struc­ture of the earth.  Emphasis will be placed on North America, dealing with the growth of conti­nents, and mountain building.  The course includes a study of evolu­tionary changes occurring in plant and animal life as documented by fossil remains and the interpre­tation of geologic forces by means of topograph­ic and geologic maps.  Field trips are an integral part of the course.

GENERAL EDUCATION GOALS: The purpose of general education at IVCC is to enhance students’ abilities to think and act responsibly as citizens in a changing world.

The following IVCC general education goals will be addressed in this course:

Ø  To apply analytical and problem-solving skills to personal, social and professional issues and situations.

Ø  To communicate successfully, both orally and in writing, to a variety of audiences.

Ø  To connect learning to life.


Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Understand how science works and the characteristics of historical geology.
  2. Understand geologic processes and the impact of those processes on the geologic record.
  3. Understand fossils and their impact on the geologic record.
  4. Understand the structure, development, and use of the geologic time scale.
  5. Understand the methods used to interpret geologic history.
  6. Understand the evolution of the Earth’s surface over time.
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