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Extra Credit

The opportunities described below are applicable to classes as indicated.  Other opportunities may be available as well.  You should ask Mr. Phillips prior to doing any extra credit work.

Opportunity point value What to do

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River Testing  15 pts. Participate in River Testing with the IVCC Chemistry Club.  Write a paragraph describing what you did and how it relates to the class.

done for the semester

(This page lists dates and times.)

all courses
Field Trips & Service Learning varies Go on a field trip or participate in community service!  See this page for opportunities, talk to me about what you will need to do for credit. all courses
Virtual Seismologist  10 pts. Complete the Virtual Seismology exercise and turn in the certificate of completion.

(Go to bottom of page and click on "execute virtual earthquake")

all courses
Bring Me a Rock 5 pts. Going on a trip?  Bring me a rock, and tell me about it. all courses
Term Paper varies Research a topic related to the course in greater depth than covered in class or in the text.  Write a paper discussing the topic.


all courses
Film Review varies Watch a documentary or fictional film (or both) and discuss the work and its relationship to the materials covered in class. all courses
Museum Visit varies Go to a museum, zoo, aquarium, and write a report on an exhibit that relates to the class. all courses
Give Blood 5 pts bring a sticker or other evidence to class all courses

I am always open to new ideas, so if you would like to try something that is not listed here, just ask.

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