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Some of Mike's study tips:

  • Start early.  Your brain cannot process four chapters in four hours.  Get in the habit of reading a few pages a day.

  • Do the homework (and not an hour before it is due).  Working with the material helps you learn it.  Not only will you remember the information, but you will have practice using it.

  • Ask questions.  If you read the material ahead of time, you will know what is confusing and you can ask about it in class.

  • Explain the material to someone else.

  • Write out your notes.  This helps your brain process the information and store it.

  • Get some sleep.  Your brain needs to sleep to process the information you collected during the day.  No sleep, no storage.  http://www.sfn.org/index.cfm?pagename=brainBriefings_sleepAndLearning

  • Relax.  Stress inhibits your brains ability to learn.  http://help4teachers.com/stress.htm

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