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Anna Marie Pietrolonardo

Office: A316
Phone: (815) 224-0250
FAX: (815) 224-3033
E-mail: Anna Marie Pietrolonardo

Postal mail:
Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
-Professor, World Languages
-Faculty Advisor,
World Language Organization,
-Faculty Advisor,
Zeta of Illinois Chapter
- Sigma Delta Mu
Midwest Regional Vice President - Sigma Delta Mu
815 North Orlando Smith Road
Oglesby, IL 61348

 Office Hours

During summer, by appointment



CLASSES Summer, 2015

Summer B Part 1
(4-week semester)
W 06/10/15 to T 07/07/2015

SPN-1001 Introductory Spanish I  
SPN-1001-100 FOL

SPN-1001 Introductory Spanish I  
SPN-1001-101 FOL

SPN-2001 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN-2001-100 FOL

Summer B Part 2
(4-week semester)
W 07/08/15 to T 08/04/2015

SPN-1002-100 FOL
Introductory Spanish II

SPN-1002-100 FOL

SPN-1002-101 FOL

SPN-2002 Intermediate Spanish II

SPN-2002-100 FOL



Autumn scene 

CLASSES Fall, 2015

(I am retiring after summer semester and will be back to teach part-time in spring.)

SPN-1001 Introductory Spanish I

SPN-1001-100 FOL
Fully Online

SPN-1002 Introductory Spanish II


SPN-2001 Intermediate Spanish I

SPN-2001-100 FOL
Fully Online


bird's eggs in nest

CLASSES Spring, 2015
M 01/12/2015 - Sa 05/16/2015

Elementary Spanish I
[X] SPN-1001-150
BLENDED T/R 11:00-12:15 PM A-300

Elementary Spanish II
[X] SPN-1002-100
Fully Online

[X] SPN-1002-150
T/R 9:30 AM  -12:15 PM A-300

Intermediate Spanish II
[X] SPN-2002-100
Fully Online

Intermediate Spanish II
[X] SPN-2002-150
BLENDED T/R 12:30 - 1:45 PM A-300

[ ] SPN-2003--80 IND Spanish Composition and Grammar through Literature
Orientation session   Tuesday, January 13 at 8:45 AM in A-316

[X] SPN-2004-80/HFA-1007-09-81 * IND
Survey  of Hispanic Literature: Spanish Literature
Orientation session   Tuesday, January 13  from 2:00 to 2:30 PM  in A-316

* The course title has been changed to HFA-1007-09 Special Topic so that two semesters - each with a different topic can be taken for 3 semester credit hours per course, or a total of 6 semester hours. Fall semester will cover Spanish Literature; Spring semester will cover Latin American Literature.



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IVCC World Languages offers World Language Instruction for students with diverse learning styles to enhance global communication skills, develop cultural understanding, connect with other disciplines, compare and contrast languages and cultures to better understand ourselves and others, and to build communities of learners in a global society.

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Course Information

 I teach traditional, blended, fully online and independent study classes. In my classes, I use communicative, project-based learning methods that involve technology-assisted learning and student collaboration. For students registered in my courses, I also provide web links to supplemental resources that support assignments in the Course Outline for each course on this web page and in the Black Board course shell for each course.

Watch for regular updates to this web page for advance information about my courses to assist you in planning your course schedule. 

Summer 2015 Spanish course materials including Course Syllabi, Course Outlines and detailed Lesson Plans are available now. Until the newest versions of my  Spanish course materials are completed for the beginning of each semester, previous versions are available for your perusal.


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