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Poisson d'avril Fish Market and Bake Sale.   

Voulez vous manger?            

Child puts fish on man's back


bulletTuesday, April 1, 2008:   Outside the Cafeteria, 8AM-1PM.
bullet Fish Market - Share in the French April Fool tradition of Poisson d'avril , learn what it means to sneak a fish onto a friend's back. With every Bakery purchase, receive your own catch of fish to "distribute".
bullet Bake Sale - Enjoy some wonderful francophile treats or try some gruesome sounding/looking [although delicious] April Fool treats. This will be a memorable bake sale. 8-)

The Legend of Poisson d' Avril

 Poisson d'Avril , or April Fish,  is a French name ascribed to someone who is fooled on April 1st. According to legend, the custom dates to the 16th century. In 1564, King Charles IX of France broke with a 12th century custom by changing the calendar. The King decreed that New Year's Day would occur on January 1 rather than at the spring solstice--ending a traditional week-long celebration of spring and rebirth that had lasted until...April 1. Many people were critical of the change.  Forgetful people and others who resisted the change were mocked by being sent joke gifts.

Also, because in early spring the sun is in Pisces, the pranks were coined "Poisson d'Avril."   April 1st became a fun holiday.  Friends exchange lighthearted presents...often gift-wrapped fish. Children attach fish on the backs of the unsuspecting. Then, everyone shouts, “Poisson d’ avril” when they see a person wearing a fish.


WLO brings this entertaining holiday to IVCC with our spring fundraiser:
World Language Organization
Poisson d’Avril Fishery & Bakery Sale


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