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Celebrate Our Diversity


Text Box:  · There are so many Independence Day celebrations in the Central American nations that the entire month from September 15 through October 15th has been designated  as Hispanic Heritage Month. 




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· In the United States, it culminates for many Hispanic Americans with a celebration of "El día de la raza", or "The Day of the People". 



Text Box:  · Unlike "Columbus Day", which focuses attention on the explorer who landed on the island of Hispañola in 1492, "El día de la raza" honors the rich and diverse heritage of all the people of the Americas.



Would You Like to Play a Game?

WHAT: Participate in the Hispanic Heritage Trivia Game


WHEN: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 from  10 :00 -10:50 AM and 12:30 -1:45 PM

· Students from IVCC Spanish classes will compete in teams to answer questions about Hispanic Heritage based on the information found in the links in this web page. Any interested IVCC students, faculty or staff, or members of the Illinois Valley community who would like to form a team may do so.

· Individual members from the audience will have an opportunity to join a team and participate, too. Or, the audience can just watch and cheer their favorite team to victory.

· Professor Anna Marie Pietrolonardo will be the moderator.



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· The game format will allow for up to four teams to compete. Using an electric game board, we'll play by elimination of incorrect answers down to a Grand Prize round. 




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· To prepare, the game participants can visit Hispanic  Heritage Month on this web page for links to various resources on Hispanic Heritage Month and El día de la raza. 
All questions used in the competition will be based on the material referenced on the web site. 





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· It’s fun.   
· It’s educational.
· The winning team will receive a marvelous prize. 
· Second place team will receive another fabulous prize. 
· All participants will be rewarded with a small parting gift .







This activity is co-sponsored by the IVCC World Language Organization and the IVCC Diversity Team as part of a multi-faceted  project for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The game prizes this year were were provided by IVCC Student Activities, the students of the WLO and Professor Pietrolonardo.

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