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Text Box:  I've always enjoyed studying languages. When I was a child, growing up in an Italian-American family, I was used to being around multi-lingual people who could effortlessly glide from one language to another depending on the situation. It surprised me to learn later that most Americans were monolingual. As a language teacher, I'd like to help change that. We live in a global society where the ability to communicate effectively is very important.


Text Box: Anna Marie Pietrolonardo at the Arch of Triumph, Paris, 2004

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Text Box: My maternal grandparents, Antonia Carrella and Guiseppe Mariano
 Text Box:  My paternal grandparents, Anna Lucarelli and Alfonso Pietrolonardo


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Text Box:  Both sides of my family came to Chicago from Bari, Italy.

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Text Box:  My family originated in Italy, and now we have relatives throughout Europe and North and South America. It is really fun to communicate with all of them and to visit. I enjoy traveling, but I think I enjoy showing my relatives the interesting things about our country just as much.
Now that we have affordable electronic communication, it is possible to e-mail each other regularly. We share news, photos, opinions and practice our language skills at the same time. 


Text Box:  My parents, Mary and Baldassarre Pietrolonardo.





Text Box: Here I am with my mother Mary, my sister Antoinette, my Aunt Rose and Great Aunt Vita in Chicago. My other sister Emily took the photo.







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