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President George W. Bush calls for emphasis on World Language learning, saying it will help protect the United States and foster democracy abroad.

Bush Proposes to Expand Foreign Language Teaching - Voice of America

Bush says language studies vital to security - Houston Chronicle - Jan 14, 2006

Foreign-Language Learning Promoted
President Bush announced plans yesterday to boost foreign-language study...

DefenseLINK News: Bush Kicks Off National Foreign Language Initiative

The Daily Princetonian - Bush announces strategic language initiative
President Bush today announced a new hundred-million-dollar initiative to bolster
US national security by expanding foreign language education in this ...

Bush Seeks Foreign-Language Study Funding - Yahoo! News
President Bush said Thursday the United States could help shed its "bullying"
image abroad if more Americans learned to speak a foreign language.

President Bush Introduces Foreign Language Initiative at US ...
President Bush Introduces Foreign Language Initiative at US University Presidents
Summit on International Education.

VOA News - Bush Promotes Foreign Language Studies as Vital to US ...
Bush says speaking to others in their own language shows interest in their culture
and improves Americans' understanding of the world.

Bush wants more Americans to learn foreign languages ...
The president said it is only natural that people who speak the same language
relate better. It helps when he meets with foreign dignitaries...

To read the text of Senate Bill 1089, The National Language Coordination Act of 2005 introduced on May 19, 2005, by Democratic Senator Akaka from Hawaii, go to:


DoD Announces the Transformation Roadmap

On March 30, 2005, The Department of Defense announced a major initiative to develop foreign language and cultural expertise among its military and civilian members. 

2005 - The Year of Languages
The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) celebrated 2005 as The Year of Languages in the United States. 

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