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World Language in the News

Visit this page for links to information about World Languages in the news media.

Hand holding spinning globe

Sprechen Sie Denglish?

In Paris a Plan to Be Friendlier

The Italian Gesture

UN Ruling Gives Colombia Islets But Nicaragua More Sea

Spain To Offer Residency In Exchange For Purchasing Property

Mexico To Finally Become Mexico

Expressions with double meanings might offend

You Can Learn a Language at Any Age

Universal speech translator app ready for Olympics

The Bilingual Advantage

How Opera Challenges Translators

U.S. Travel Restrictions to Cuba Loosened, but Embargo Remains 

Argentina Celebrates Bicentennial   

Gene A Budig - Americans must learn to speak bilingually

Real Academia Española publishes new Spanish Language Guidelines

Foreign language teaching is becoming just Spanish        

Spanish flag

A Web That Speaks Your Language


Figures encircling globe

  World Cup Soccer    

                                                                        Soccer player



US Flag

FBI lacks translators for terror intelligence: audit

United States Government places new emphasis on importance of learning World Languages post 09/11/2001


Michelle Bachelet inaugurated as President of Chile

Map of Chile & Argentina


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