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Know Your WLO Board

2009-2010 Officers 2008-2009 WLO Officers
Spring 2007 WLO Officers Second Annual Meeting, April 2007
2006-2007 Officers 2005-2006 Charter WLO Officers

2009-2010 WLO Officers
Congratulations to President Angelina Violeta Maria del Rocio Hernandez de Rodriguez, who was elected in the WLO Spring 2009 Election









Joining President Rodriguez in the Fall Election were Eman Said and Christina Derango.  

Thank you to our dedicated 2009-2010 WLO Board


2008-2009 WLO Officers

                                                                                       President Francesco Caruso and Vice President Angelina Hernandez de Rodriguez

Officers, Angelina Hernandez de Rodriguez, Vice President; Francesco Caruso, President; Margarita Alonso, Recording Secretary
Not pictured: Vice President, Program; Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary.

Results of the Spring 2007 election

President: Hixie Cruz   

I would like to run for President. As President, I would get insight as to what students need to help them succeed academically. Next, I would get feedback as to what activities they would participate in and most enjoy.

Vice President - Program: Mike Holland

Vice President - Membership: Jessica Pioli

Recording Secretary: Yazmín Aracely González

I will record, publish and report minutes of all meetings and keep the board informed about the meetings and other activities. I will also maintain the WLO Binder and file drawer. I believe that I am a good candidate for office of the WLO because I have always been a leader in my language classes. I graduated from high school being at the top of my Spanish and French classes. Therefore, I will be experienced with a couple of languages. So please consider me as a candidate for the World Language Organization.

Corresponding Secretary: Katie Zeman

I have always believed that positive leadership would generate positive and enthusiastic group members. Both of these characteristics are ones that I hope to bring to the World Language Organization as the Corresponding Secretary. As an executive member, my goals are to communicate my passion for language and culture to encourage my fellow students to learn and appreciate languages and cultures around the world as well. Through involvement with the World Languages Organization, I plan to combine by organizational skills, enthusiasm and passion for languages to fulfill my duties through written communication as sufficiently as possible. I hope to become a positive influence that will inspire students to broaden their horizons to the fascinating aspects of other parts of our world.

2006-2007 Officers

President: Ellen Dugosh

Vice President - Program: Dennis Corbin

Treasurer: Thanh Nguyen

Recording Secretary: Megan Guilfoyle

2005-2006 Charter WLO Officers.

Here are the platform statements from  our 2005-2006 Charter WLO Officers.

WLO was launched into action by this dynamic board.     


Monica Wyatt


To whom it may concern,

As the president of the world language organization, I hope to promote learning and an awareness of the languages and cultures of the world. Through the world language organization, it is my hope that members will broaden their horizons by participating in activities and events that will culturally enrich their lives. For example, I hope to help organize exciting trips to Chicago, museums, restaurants and much more. There members can experience a taste of the vast array of culture right here in our area. I will promote an open minded environment in which members can all be involved and express their ideas, knowledge and suggestions. In addition, I would like to encourage members to become more involved in their culturally diverse communities. Also, I hope to set a positive example to other students and help them pursue their educational goals. The world language organization will provide the opportunity for those interested in language and culture to further their interest.


Monica Wyatt

Ronald Francis

Vice President, Membership


Megan Norlin

Recording Secretary

Truth be told there is not a whole lot to say about

me. I've always had a passion for foreign languages

and all the doors they can open to music, theatre,

literature, culture, and art. Things that, in my

opinion, no one should miss out on. I work well with

other people, and, as a member of the board, I would

do my best to help open those doors to others, as well

as perform my duties as the recording secretary. In

short, if elected I will do the best I can to serve

the World Language Organization, and help make it a

fun, eye-opening experience for all. Whatever the

outcome; however, thank you so much for the

nomination. It was greatly appreciated.



Lesley Amor

Corresponding Secretary

As the Corresponding Secretary, I will do my best to represent the World Language Organization through written communication.  Currently I am enrolled in Spanish classes to empower myself to become a bi-lingual elementary education teacher.  I am planning on transferring to Northern Illinois University to pursue a degree in the aforementioned field.  I feel that any experience with different languages will be helpful to my career.  I will do my best to represent the World Language Organization along with Illinois Valley Community College in a way that can reflect the voice of the students.

Ellen Dogosh


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