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World Language Organization    [WLO]

Mission Statement

The IVCC World Languages Organization provides opportunities for linguistic and cultural enrichment and a greater understanding of global populations through activities and service projects for World Language students, the IVCC community, and the public at large.

WLO Constitution



The IVCC World Language Organization provides students with opportunities for linguistic and cultural enrichment beyond the classroom. Many projects, special events and field trips are planned for this academic year.

Are you interested in participating in activities related to the language and culture of other countries and of our own diverse ethnic origins? Please e-mail us so that we can add your name to the WLO mailing list. Membership in the World Language Organization at IVCC is open to all IVCC Students.

E-mail: Anna Marie Pietrolonardo

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Calendar of Events


World Language Organization [WLO]   


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   WLO Photo Album               

 WLO Photo Album
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WLO Service Projects

Update on  WLO Guatemala Relief Project

The IVCC World Language Organization has concluded its fund raising service projects for the town of Aguas Escondidas in the Lake Atitlán Region of Guatemala. Thanks to the generous support of our students, faculty and staff, and of many individuals from the community, we were able to raise $300 to help with the rebuilding of one little town damaged by Hurricane Stan. Thank you to all the student volunteers who helped with the fund raising and to all the donors who opened their wallets to give.

To make a donation to Pro Lago NGO

For more information about the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala

WLO Slide Show about Service Project after Hurricane Stan

Report on WLO Fund Raiser with MayaWorks

In addition to the service project for Aguas Escondidas, WLO participated in the IVCC Staff Arts & Crafts Fair on November 17, 2005 with a beautiful array of MayaWorks Fair Trade weaving and beadwork handmade by the artisans of the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala. Our proceeds at this event allowed WLO to send an additional $1,032 to the communities so hard hit by the Hurricane, and to retain a small profit for student activities in the coming year.



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