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Eligibility for Membership in

Zeta of Illinois Chapter

Sigma Delta Mu

The National Spanish Honor Society
                   for the First Two Years of College

Early in Spring Semester a confidential list of students eligible for membership is prepared based on grades through the end of Fall Semester and current active status in a Spanish course (SPN-*) for Spring Semester at IVCC.

IVCC students are eligible for membership in Sigma Delta Mu if they are currently enrolled in a Spring Semester SPN-* Spanish course at IVCC and  meet all three of these criteria:

1.) must have previously studied at least one semester of Spanish or the equivalent thereof at IVCC;

2.) must have a minimal grade-point average of 3.00 on a scale where "A" is assigned a value of 4.00, etc. in Spanish course[s];

3.) must have a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.00 on a scale where "A" is assigned a value of 4.00, etc.

All the students identified as eligible candidates will receive an invitation for membership in late winter. If interested, they need to complete an application form which is sent with the invitation; attach a check for $20 to help cover the cost of an official membership certificate and pin from the National Office of the Society, meetings, activities and honor cords for eligible IVCC graduates; and return the application materials to faculty advisor Anna Marie Pietrolonardo.

The initiation of new members takes place at the April Annual Meeting.


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