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WLO Spring Election ballot

·         Petitions for the WLO Spring Election must be received by 12 noon on Monday, April 21, 2014.

·         [If door is closed, slide completed petition under door of office A-316.]

·         The Order in which completed petitions are received will be the sequence in which candidate’s names will appear on the ballot.

·         The election will be held on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, in A316 from 10:00 – 11 AM, in

·          B312 from 11 AM – 12:15 PM and in A300 from 1:00 to 2:15 PM.

·         New officers will be installed at the WLO Annual Meeting on Monday, April 28 from 12:15 to 1:00 PM in A-300.


There are three elected leadership positions available:
* Program Development Executive
* Membership Executive
* Communication Executive
Board Member Unique Functions are as follows:
* Program Development Executive

o Maintain E-mail list and write/send out event notices.

o Locate event venues and organize event dates.

o Run meetings and events.

o Make sure that all necessities for an event are present (food, movie, games, etc.).

o Locate, distribute, and organize fund raisers.

o Locate opportunities for WLO members.

o Assist Faculty Advisor in maintenance of the WLO website.

o Be informed about organization requirements by the College and keep other board members updated about these requirements.

o Communicate with the Faculty Advisor to schedule and plan events

o Promote WLO and its events.

* Membership Executive

O Identify prospective members and communicate with them to encourage participation

O Maintain a data base of all members e-mail addresses

O Host events to encourage new member participation

O Keep Board informed about membership activities

O Record, publish and report minutes of all WLO meetings.

O Maintain the WLO Information Binder.

O Keep Board informed about meetings and other activities

* Communication Executive

O Maintain files of all incoming correspondence

O Write outgoing correspondence

O Keep Board informed about correspondence

o Purchase tickets and plan transportation when needed.

o Maintain WLO account ledger and keep board members informed about WLO finances.

o Supply reimbursement checks when necessary.

Duties Common to all Officers

Duties that are common to all board members are as follows:

* In Regards to Board Members:

o Assist the other board members in WLO procedures and activities.

o Work closely with the faculty advisor and other board members.

o Act as a leader for the organization and as the support to the president.

o Assist Treasurer in creating a budget for College funding.

* In Regards to the Members:

o Plan for and assist in the recruitment of new members.

o Encourage active participation by members.

o Help advise and tutor students to the best of your ability.

* In Regards to Activities:

o Help develop, plan, and carry out WLO events and activities.

o Participate in and lead WLO events and activities.

o Be open to new ideas and possibilities for WLO.

* As a Representative of WLO:

o Write for and help produce articles for publication.

o Help promote learning and experiences in international culture on campus.

o Represent WLO at various College activities.

o Be a representative to international student visitors and assist them if needed.

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