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 WLO Fee Waiver List for 2008 Annual Meeting

The $5 fee to help defray the cost of the Celebratory Luncheon at the Annual Meeting is waived for the following students who are recognized for their contributions to the World Language Organization during Academic Year 2007-2008.  These students have earned 50 or more  service credits by volunteering in WLO projects. We hope you enjoy the complimentary luncheon from WLO as a "thank you" for a job well done!.

Congratulations to these students:

Campbell, Lauren

Clancy, Hailee

Clary, Ethan

Goetz, Amber

Goetz, Nicole

Harper, Brian

Judy, Breanne

Kiest, Tere

Kinzer, Jen

Palumbo, Sharon

Perretta, Paul

Richards, Carol

Riva, Chase

Said, Amy

Uribe, Leticia

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