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WLO Service Learning -Spanish Language Interpretation

IVCC Tax Assistance 2010

-Tax Assistance Spanish-Language Interpreter – Service Learning Project
Any WLO member who has taken at least two semesters of Spanish (or equivalent experience) is eligible to attend training to become a WLO Tax Assistance Volunteer Interpreter. To be trained as a WLO volunteer interpreter, WLO members must attend at least one of the two training sessions offered by the WLO Trainers on Monday, February 8 from 3-4 PM and Tuesday, February 9 from 2-3 PM in A-300. The training sessions will provide an overview of the tax preparation data needed to complete the Intake Interview Form 13614-C. Knowledge of accounting and tax preparation is NOT required.

To qualify to receive the Certificates of Appreciation from both WLO and the IRS, each volunteer must work at least four hours at a Tax Assistance Session. WLO volunteer interpreters who are in one of Professor Pietrolonardo’s Spanish classes will earn five extra credit points for each hour of volunteer service as a Tax Assistance Interpreter up to a maximum of 20 points.

Tax Assistance sessions will be held every Thursday beginning February 11, 2010, through April 15, 2010, from 2 to 6 PM in F113. WLO Volunteers are also invited to an after tax season party on April 22nd, so keep that date open. If you would like to participate, attend one of the training sessions. Please RSVP by e-mail to Professor Pietrolonardo.


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