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Congratulations to 2014-2015 WLO Officers:  Program Executive, Michah Starner; Membership Executive, Jacob Mainor; and Communication Executive, Elizabeth Sparacino.

WLO Wins First Place in Student Organization Category in the 2014 IVCC Edible Contest








WLO Officers Participate in First Annual Student Volunteer Day, October 6, 2011 and recruit new members.

WLO Hispanic Heritage Month Bake Sale, 9/15/2011

WLO Cinco de mayo Fiesta Luncheon

¡Bienvenidos! WLO Volunteers greet guests as they arrive for the Fiesta Luncheon with beaded necklaces.

Students, faculty and staff line up for a delicious buffet luncheon.

Students add their choice of condiments to the tacos.


Rice and beans make a nice side dish.

Students wait in a fast-moving line for their meal.


Mmmm... ¡La comida es muy sabrosa!

And now for the piñata.

Blindfold, turn around three times, three swings...

¡Dále! and it's all over.

Candy and prizes everywhere!


Congratulations to President Angelina Violeta
Maria del Rocio Hernandez de Rodriguez
, who was elected in the WLO
Spring 2009 Election and was re-elected for a second term in 2010.





WLO Wanders to Woodfield by Way of Texas - Texas de Brazil, that is...

WLO Celebrates Day of the Dead November 2, 2009.

Meet the 2009-2010 WLO Officers

Fourth Annual Meeting, April 20, 2009

WLO Information Booth at Central Illinois Girl Scouts Council International Fair, March 22, 2009 in IVCC Gymnasium

WLO Spring Field Trip, March 18, 2009

Aztec World at Field Museum of Natural History


Spring 2008 Election - Meet the 2008-2009 WLO Officers

WLO April is World Languages Month Events

¡Vamos a Pilsen! Field Trip, April 4, 2008

WLO members and guests gather for a group photo before their guided bilingual tour of the exhibits at the National Museum of Mexican Art in the Pilsen neighborhood, Chicago, IL.

Photos of the highlights of this wonderful field trip (coming soon)

Third Annual Poisson d'avril Fishery & Bakery Sale, April 1, 2008

December Holidays, 2007

MayaWorks Arts & Crafts Sale, November, 2007

Fourth Annual Mix It Up Day, November, 2007

WLO Day of the Dead Celebration, 2007

Hispanic Heritage Month Events, September 15 through October 15, 2007

Hispanic Heritage Month Bake Sale

WLO volunteers offer their home-baked products while hungry customers have a difficult time deciding which delicious treat to purchase at the WLO Hispanic Heritage Month Fundraiser Bake Sale, September, 2007.

Photos from the 2007 WLO Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration (coming soon)

WLO Officer, Yazmín González reenacts the traditional "Grito de la Independencia" to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month activities at IVCC.


Spirit Day, August 29, 2007


Enthusiastic WLO students staffed the group's information table and helped with activities to celebrate the new Fall semester at IVCC. Visitors had the opportunity to learn about the World Language Organization, all the activities that we sponsor, and about World Language classes at IVCC.


Cinco de mayo Fiesta May 4, 2007

Relive the fun of the Cinco de mayo Fiesta Luncheon and Piñata Breaking Ceremony held at IVCC on Friday, May 4, 2007. This event was jointly sponsored by the students of World Language Organization and Student Activities. We enjoyed good food, beautiful weather, Mexican music and a cute-but-sturdy piñata.

Second Annual Meeting of WLO featuring Installation of New Officers and Initiation of New Members into Zeta of Illinois Chapter of Sigma Delta Mu, the National Spanish Honor Society for the first two years of college.       

Second Annual Meeting, April 2007



Meet our 2007-2008 officers:

Hixie Cruz, Yazmín González, Katie Zeman and Jessica Pioli
[not featured, Mike Holland]







Second Annual Maya Works Arts & Crafts Sale
WLO members selected and sold Fair Trade weavings and beadwork from Guatemala.

View photos from the 2006 Sale here!


El día de los muertos 2006
See the many activities WLO, Sigma Delta Mu and Diversity sponsored for Day of the Dead 2006. More than 90 people participated in the cultural activities offered.







Polish Horses, Pierogies and Prizes, Oh, My! Professor Pietrolonardo's International Studies Module on Eastern Europe. Field trip to Tempel Farm and Warsaw Inn. August 30, 2006.
 See the PowerPoint Show of our Eastern Europe. Field trip to Tempel Farm and Warsaw Inn.


Poisson d ávril Fishery & Bakery Sale - 2006   

WLO celebrated April Fool's Day the French way - Poisson d'avril.



Day of the Dead, November, 2005

WLO and Diversity Committee co-sponsored a <Calavera> activity and film about the commemoration of El día de los muertos in Mexico. Students made clay skeletons and wrote memorial poems. WLO also sponsored a display explaining the holiday in Jacobs Library.


WLO Fund Raiser for Guatemala with MayaWorks, November, 2005

In addition to the service project for Aguas Escondidas, WLO participated in the IVCC Staff Arts & Crafts Fair on November 17, 2005 with a beautiful array of MayaWorks Fair Trade weaving and beadwork handmade by the artisans of the Lake Atitlán region of Guatemala.


Spirit Day, September, 2005   

A spirited day it was, with WLO
Elections, Information on World
Language Courses and Careers, and - just for fun, <El Sapo> a game of skill from Peru.

Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 through October 15, 2005

See the highlights of many events held during this month long celebration of Hispanic Heritage.



¡Fiesta!Cinco de Mayo, 2005

Enjoy the photos of IVCC World Language students from French and Spanish classes celebrating Cinco de Mayo, 2005 here:  Cinco de Mayo Fiesta slide show   


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